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LBO. Moronica sits at Mulder's desk...okay, Doggett's desk. Scully's desk. I don't know. There's still only one desk down there that I can see. Anyway, she's sitting there, counting on her fingers and staring at some files. I wonder if this episode -- which really is all about numbers and counting and patterns in addition to, like, fate and shit -- has anything to do with the fact that 1013 (and heavens, now that I think about it, it seems that Chris Carter really does like the significance of numbers) is counting down to the end of the show. For some reason, that sort of cracks me up. I'm getting soft, I guess. Last week I liked Dawson and now this. Please don't fire me. Moronica's still counting on her fingers. I'd make fun of her for that, except that I do it all the time. I also have to sing the Alphabet Song to myself if I need to alphabetize something. Scully stomps into the office. Shouldn't she be at Quantico? What happened to her new job? Maybe it's Spring Break and all of her supercilious students are at Fort Lauderdale. Special Agents Gone Wild! here we come. "What are you doing?" Scully asks, as Moronica abandons the fingers and starts counting out loud. Finally she stops, and asks Scully to "open [her] mind to something," and not think Moronica is "crazy." Eyebrow. "Why would I think you're crazy?" Scully asks, crossing her arms tightly over her chest. "Do you believe the universe is knowable as a mathematic calculation of the whole? Reduced to a single equation?" Moronica asks. Oh, dear God, please don't let this episode be about math. Because that would be torture for me. I hate math. It's right there in my bio, people. ["The other day, my sister and I took a good five minutes to try to calculate 20% of $12. I have two advanced degrees, and she's a university student. We were on the subway at the time, and I'm sure our fellow passengers thought we were simple. It was embarrassing." -- Wing Chun] Scully shakes her head. "No," she says, explaining that the world is too complex to reduce to a single set of numbers. But, she adds, some people do believe in what is called the Unified Theory, "what physicists often refer to as the Theory of Everything, an equation so simple they say that it might be printed on a t-shirt. It's the Holy Grail of science, potentially the most important question mankind has ever asked. But that such a complex calculation is even possible is a subject of enormous controversy," Scully narrates. "Is that what you mean?" she asks. "Um, potentially," Moronica says, in a way that actually means, "Scully, no one likes a math geek."

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