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Yada yada yada, Audrey's dead. Doggett instructs the coroner to have the body sent to Scully to autopsy as Jack Hole interrogates Moronica. He thinks Moronica talked to someone about seeing Audrey, which is how Wayno found her. Moronica swears she didn't, and insists she has no idea how Wayno found the numerologist. Jack Hole demands that she explain the coincidence, in that case. Poor Moronica just sputters. "The FBI doesn't go to numerologists," Jack Hole says, then tells her that killers "kill for a reason" and the one and only way the Feds catch killers is by figuring out those reasons. "If he acts on reasons he can't understand, isn't it possible that we can't understand them either?" Moronica asks. Can we just get back to Burt, here? Doggett pipes up in the background, pointing out that since the only people who knew about the numerological angle were fellow FBI folks, maybe it was an inside job. "It's highly improbable," Jack Hole says. "But not impossible," Doggett counters. "Six of one, half dozen of the other," Jack Hole says. We get it. Doggett and Jack Hole and Moronica all stare at each other, and Doggett wonders aloud how they ought to proceed. Jack Hole doesn't care how they catch the guy; he just wants him caught. And soon. He stomps out. Doggett quietly suggests that maybe Wayno followed Moronica to Audrey's. She counters by pointing out that no one knew she was on the case. How would he know to follow her? Doggett shrugs. Moronica tells Doggett that Audrey called her before getting wacked, and told her that she found something strange when she started running the victims' numerological charts. Maybe it's connected to her murder? Doggett rolls his eyes. "Because my name is John Jay Doggett and I was born April 4th, 1960, I got some kind of magic number?" he asks. Moronica nods. "A 6," she says. "Which makes you an active, adaptive, curious person, who insists on his independence, loves a bargain, and above all else, wants to be successful." Doggett points out that said description is vague enough to apply to anyone. "People are people," Moronica says, apropos of nothing. "Right. They're not numbers," Doggett says. Then why did Audrey call her? Moronica asks. Doggett tells her to figure that out herself, because he's going back to the office.

Italian cha cha cha! Cha! Cha! Moronica leans out of Audrey's window. The pattern of windows on the side of the Knickerbocker Hotel mirrors the six dots on a domino that Burt is holding. Moronica pulls her head inside, as Wayno strolls past Burt, who calls out a cheery greeting. "Who are you?" Wayno asks. "Who do you think I am?" Burt replies. "Don't say a word," Wayno warns, as the Italian swing music chas cheerfully. "Do I ever?" Burt asks, setting his spiral of dominos into motion. Doggett, walking past, notices this and briefly stops to watch. He smiles, and heads on his way. Wayno hisses that Burt is "trying to get [him] caught." Burt shrugs. "I'm just playing a game of dominos," he says. "Go to hell," Wayno spits. "Are the reservations in your name?" Burt asks, rather seriously. Wayno doesn't respond. "You're a card," Burt tells him. "You really are a card. But I love you. Got time for a quick game?" Wayno's eyes bug out of his head. "I don't play your games," he spits. "Never truer words been spoken," Burt says, as the Italian cha cha swings loudly. Burt picks up a "3" domino and looks at it seriously.

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