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Scully's hitting the autopsy, taking note of the fact that Audrey has the requisite three marks on her face. She starts the tape recorder and starts yammering about beginning the internal exam at 6:06 PM. She turns to her table of supplies, where everything -- scalpels, Q-tips, and so forth -- is set out in sets of six. You know what? The attention to detail in this episode is really pretty remarkable. I only hope the Powers that Be at 1013 take the same kind of approach to the series finale. Scully glances at Audrey's forehead, then takes a closer glance. She looks down at her tape recorder. The little timing piece reads 666. Scully looks at it, disturbed. Cha cha cha.

Moronica. She's over at Audrey's, looking through the numerological charts and making thoughtful faces. Scully scampers in, saying that she has something to show her. The triple zero pattern on the victim's faces is actually "666." Part of the pattern on the killer's ring must have worn away. "The mark of the devil," Scully says. Moronica furrows her brow and wonders how Scully discovered this. "Entirely by accident," Scully tells her. Moronica makes a thoughtful face and tells Scully that she discovered that Audrey's numerological chart? Matches those of the previously murdered women. "Her death wasn't an accident," she tells Scully. Scully stares at her. "But how will this help us find the killer?" Moronica tells her that it won't. Well, that's just great.

Cue the French Music of Love and Cha Cha. Over at the FBI, Doggett examines a map on which each of the murders, and the killer's path between them, have been charted. Jack Hole comes over and tells Doggett that they've put together a profile on the murder: "The killer is a man in his late twenties to mid-forties, average in build and looks, who is driven by a rage stemming from a hatred of his mother at a very early age. He was a bed-wetter and made to feel inferior, which he took out on the world by killing small animals." Doggett makes a face and tells Jack Hole that he's just described pretty much every serial killer ever. He also thinks that they'd be foolish to dismiss Moronica's numerology theory so quickly. "You don't believe in that nonsense?" Jack Hole sputters. Doggett shrugs, and points out that the killer's path, charted on the very map in front of them, is clearly in the shape of a six. Jack Hole waves his hands dismissively. "What if this is the killer's pattern?" Doggett asks. He wonders if the number six has some significance to the killer. "It may. To you and Agent Reyes," Jack Hole smarms. "But not to victim number seven." Doggett looks like he has indigestion. Cha cha cha cha cha!

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