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Weird: Bullet time, as Sookie's shot fired at the end of last episode comes matrixing toward the werewolf in her house. Eric jumps in front of it, because he is super fast, but mostly: Why the bullet time? This whole episode is like this. So Eric fights with the werewolf for a good long while, as Sookie labors to figure out why he has once again taken a bullet, but of course he wants to get info from this guy, and is working from a vastly different set of assumptions, i.e., I am a vampire and thus I don't need to shoot every werewolf that hides in my house and jumps at my throat.

Well, in this case he is wrong, and once the grody naked were gets a little of Eric's blood it's not really something he can afford to play around with, so he kills him wicked hard. Sookie stares, and this is the last of his thought-bubble: Think you can mad dog me you fucking fanger? You got nothing on Jackson... He tells Eric he's not talking, since he'll be killed either way -- which aligns with the Werwolf Nazi brand on his neck, which you know means Eric's not gonna waste a second more -- and so then there's a very slippery moment of bloody sex death and then he looks up at Sookie, whose composure is elsewhere, and grins. "Oh. I got your rug all wet!"

Eric Northman, you classy motherfucker. In two seasons I have never once felt that accusations of being provocative for its own sake really applied to this show. But this episode, I don't know. I just don't see the point of some of this, and a lot of it just seems really poorly done. I know there have been episodes I disliked, but it's hard to remember now what they were. Anyway, over in the Mississippi compound Russell's apologizing to Lorena for how she got set on fire just a second ago. She tries to be cool about it, which is quite a feat when your skin is mostly charred and melted, but her cute outfit goes a long way. She takes off for a quick bloodsucking healing session, while Talbot fags out about the upholstery or whatever imaginary fags do when vampires catch fire near their knickknacks. I give about a half of a percent of a damn about Talbot, but if he turns into an actual person at any point I will totally reevaluate. Don't you worry.

Left alone with Bill, Russell tells him to stop setting people on fire, and basically points out that he just cause Louisiana to lose classiness compared to Mississippi, which is embarrassing for everybody. Also, he reminds him, it's rude to have fangs out in front of the King. Turns out it was Lorena who suggested Bill for the Sherriff job, and she's officially part of Russell's court now, so they're going to be working together.

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