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Bud gets about three-quarters of the way through the report about the headless, handless man in the drainage pipe, but once Andy and Kenya start talking about how the body was drained and his tissues show "signs of tearing rather than cutting," and how that indicates to Andy that "our unsub just tore his head clean off," he is motherfucking done. He just up and quits, literally walking away, in the middle of the day.

"I've had it with this shit! Every time we clear one murder, two more spring up. It's like crabgrass. Forty-three years and what have I got to show for it? Gaps in my brain and polyps in my ass. I don't need this horseshit!" Poor dude. Man, what was it, like, three months ago tops he was Andy Griffith in this slow-moving southern town? And now he's been in an orgy cult and all manner of things. In a show like this, it's a bad idea to be the only actual representative of conventional authority. Frankly I'm proud he stuck around this long.

Alcide sits in Sookie's kitchen, while she flits around getting ready and promising to explain later why it looks like somebody shot a vampire and ate part of a werewolf in her home. They have a little moment that is sort of inconsequential in this episode but will become, I'm sure, a very big deal later, where they discuss her telepathy and how they can actually converse without talking, although she says it's weird to do that when they're alone. They discuss how just because she's sucked Eric's blood she's not His, and so he's not going to be looking after her if she has anything to say about it, but she'll accept a werewolf bodyguard because werewolves are a factor in this investigation she believes she's doing based on no information at all.

For his part, Alcide explains that his father -- unnamed for now -- is a construction magnate in another parish, who has a debt for some reason that Eric helped out with. He's an especially good choice for this as well because he knows this particular pack, and how insular they can be. Well, she doesn't want to pal around with anybody associated with them, but he's like, they are not his friends. "My ex is banging their leader," which is Cooter, which can you blame her?, but the pack in question is a thorn in his side. "Weres have lived in Jackson for almost 200 years without a single human knowing it. Now these sons of bitches come to town, there's a crime streak a mile wide. Not to say the rest of us are above violence, but you shut the barn door behind you."

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