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And is Sookie prepared for violence? Um, have you met Sookie? That's all she is looking for is to start some shit. Even if, invariably, she ends up not actually getting into it: Just asking for it and acting like a damn hooligan, and then somebody jumps in front of her or the person turns into a wolf and runs away. She will fire a gun right at you, though. And if you're really asking for it, she'll cut off your head with a shovel as soon as look at you. "They took someone I love from me. I don't know about you, but I was raised to fight back." He's like, "So... You are a crazy person." Sweets, you have no idea.

Lorena thought about eating Caroline -- Caroline, whom he'd always love a little bit more than her, or a lot more, since he never loved her at all -- but settled for forcing Bill to glamour her, even as she begged for death. He made it very clear that Lorena meant nothing to him, which bugged as usual, and Lorena pointed out that what he has done here -- coming to see her, scaring the shit out of her, making her go all googly-eyed -- was ten million times crueler than anything Lorena would ever actually do on purpose. I'm not sure Bill understood that one at the time.

"The only way to show your love for a human is to stay away," Lorena said, "Forever. Do you understand now?"

Two hundred years later, maybe he does.

Talbot hisses and preens at the various werewolves and acts generally as annoying as possible, until Russell sends him off to fetch Cooter a Zima. Man, that is definition of wealth right there. Get me some Zima! Oh, yes. We have some in the cellar. They talk about how they still haven't managed to snag Sookie, due to her jumping every werewolf they send her way, and for some reason Russell doesn't know who this "Eric Northman" is. I don't get that at all. But there's a clue here, if he can see it: Eric also has "a perverse interest in that waitress," just like Sophie-Anne's other operatives in Louisiana.

Bill appears, having digested the message of his flashback and realized that they are going to keep coming at Sookie no matter what, and he's too caged up to fix it. So his choices are to be alone in the cage, miserable and lonely and sickened by himself, or bring Sookie into that situation, or killed, and stay miserable and lonely and sickened by himself. But since he's already doing those things in Louisiana, because they are his only hobbies besides Wii Golf, fuck it: "My service to Queen Sophie Anne has brought only suffering to me and the humans that I have lived amongst. I recognize that now. For their safety and also for mine... I hereby renounce my fealty to the kingdom of Louisiana and I humbly pledge my loyalty to Your Majesty."

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