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Bill rudely suggests that maybe this whole kidnapping is thus Lorena's idea, making Russell her bitch, and is quickly corrected: "Given your privileged standing with Queen Sophie Anne, I'd rather have you for my own." As stated previously. Man, very little causes Bill to lose his cool, but he is just sloppy all over the place when it comes to Lorena. I mean, I get it: His whole life is about hating being a vampire, and all she ever wanted was for him to be happy being a vampire, so she's not only to blame but also this constant moral irritant, which is awful, on top of which she murdered him and, from his perspective, basically his family as well. So the only option, being under her spell for so many years, was pure nihilism, as Bill would say.

And since she released him, all those years ago, there's nothing to her presence beyond just that much resentment and hate and mostly shame that characterizes Bill's feelings on vampirism -- which is why Jessica exists, even though she's made a compelling independent character of herself -- but she's also there to radicalize and bring up the actual vampire truth about Bill, which is that -- believe it or not -- he is a vampire, which means he has the capacity for brutality that they all do.

So in terms of getting right with himself and not living such a sad wan half-life, he needs to make peace. Not with Lorena necessarily, but the Idea of Lorena, such that he's put every bad thought and every scary action of his various lives into a box labeled "Bitch Ex-Wife" and stowed it on a high shelf where Sookie can't reach it and thus it does not exist. But because the Idea of Lorena is fraught with grey areas and conceptualizing himself as something other than a True Southern Gentleman (Who Only By Coincidence Happens To Be Respirationally Challenged But In All Other Aspects Etc.), which he can't do, because he's a black and white motherfucker, not to mention one of the most skilled repressers in the entire universe. If they had an Olympics for emotional dysfunction he would get the Bronze at least.

So you're back where you started, because any aggression toward Lorena is Lorena winning. Light her on fire? Good, you're showing your true colors. But he can't just do his "agree to disagree" thing, because she's the one who got him kidnapped and subject to Russell's whims, which means a place that already sucked -- being not only Sookie-free but basically gay jail -- sucks twice as much. That castle's now like Lorena's arms around him, holding him down, suffocating him; it's like her voice in his mind, for decades, making him do such terrible things.

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