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"At least you got somewhere to come see him now. Might not seem like much, but I like having a place to go when I wanna see Gran. Every time I visit her, it hurts a little bit less." Sookie asks her to move back in, now that they've scrubbed all of Maryann's mess out, and points out that she'll have the house to herself since she's going on a Bill hunt. Tara admits that Lafayette is driving her crazy -- I wouldn't mind him, but his house would certainly drive me nuts -- and agrees, and Mike starts the service.

Vampires don't dream, because when the sun is up they are dead, so I'm not sure how this works exactly, but since it's more of a flashback and less of a dream... No, it still doesn't make any sense. Anyway, remember how Lorena let Bill go back and look at his wife and kids that time, and then made him leave them forever? It didn't really take. So I guess he went back a bit later, because of the pox and all, and his young wife Caroline -- Cousin Lindsay! -- invited him into the house, overjoyed to see him, but sad about the news: Thomas, the boy, was dead.

"I sent Sarah away to Tennessee. Thomas, he was too young. I tried to protect him." Bill tried to comfort her, and she wept that they wouldn't come for him, laid out in a tiny coffin in the parlor, because they were too afraid. "I resolved to bury him myself tomorrow," she said, strong and beautiful, and Bill knelt at his son's side, to say goodbye. He wept tears of blood and when she touched him, he was as cold as the earth. She caught a glimpse of his tears, and was terrified. "Are you afflicted?" she asked. It was as good a word as any.

"My human life was taken from me," he admitted, but he tried to spin it: That meant he couldn't catch the pox, being dead and all. Caroline was not feeling the upside on this one, and get very scared, because ghosts and demons and devils used to be a real thing. "You've taken my husband," she cried. "I will not let you take my son!" Girlfriend grabbed a gun and started shooting. No wonder he loved her so much! She ran to the door and Lorena grabbed her, just outside, by the scruff of the neck. While they discussed the finer points of life and death and humanity, Caroline's marbles were rolling around on the floor in a major way.

Jason falls asleep in his work truck, tired from all that thinkin', and in the dream he's getting hieroglyphics and various words that are not words on his written test, so he takes it up to Bud Dearborn, who of course has a giant bullet hole in his head, and assures Jason there's nothing wrong with his test: Just something incredibly wrong with Jason. "Jason," he says, voice becoming Lafayette's: "Wake the fuck up."

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