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Federal Courthouse Of Very Important Pain. There is the usual full-on media circus as the judge and his lawyer move toward their courtroom for the arraignment. Is all this happening on the same freaking day? Please. Bobby and Helen follow. Many fake reporters want some sort of fake comment. Once inside, the charges are read. Anderson, Fleming's lawyer, announces that the judge intends to plead not guilty to all charges. Federal Judge X schedules a preliminary hearing to happen in one week. In the meantime, Anderson wants Fleming released on his own recognizance. Of course, Greg thinks that Fleming poses a flight risk. Of course, Anderson tries to argue that Fleming is a rather important, ahem, citizen. Blah witness tampering, blah held without bail blah. Anderson starts arguing about how they've arrested Fleming without even "flimsy" evidence. Of course, Greg thinks that these are matters to be debated at trial, and they should be. But that doesn't mean this ridiculous scene ends here. Oh, no, that would be way too simple. Anderson goes on to slay Greg's case -- in particular, dragging Bobby out and through the mud like nothing I've ever seen before. Because putting the witness on trial is an effective way to argue bail at an ARRAIGNMENT.

Oh, good grief -- blah Bobby Donnell, blah the prosecution's witness, blah information from the D.A.'s office, blah deaths of police officers, blah murder blah. Greg: "Mr. Donnell was cleared of any wrongdoing in both cases, Your Honour." Hell, even when Bobby's not even arguing a freaking case, he's the spit-shining centre of attention. He's the reason the sun sets in Boston. He's the reason the sun gets up in the morning. He's the reason we're arguing this ridiculous matter today. Naw, it has nothing to do with the freaking judge who's been taking bribes and turning justice on its head -- not one itsy bitsy teeny weeny thing. It's all Rod, all the time. Bobby looks upset. Greg again tries to derail Anderson's argument. Because, you know, it's really not relevant. Anderson keeps riding the Rod train. He wants Federal Judge X to "consider the merits" of the case before deciding ON BAIL. And I quote: "Mr. Donnell's not the kind of person this great country's Department of Justice should be relying on in its search for truth. The people certainly deserve better than Bobby Donnell." Honest. That's what he says. Oh, I don't know -- what about the fact that the judge is the one who's been charged with a crime. What about the fact that EVERYTHING that came out of Anderson's mouth was, oh, I don't know, totally irrelevant to the proceedings? Bam! Is he a flight risk? Bam! What are the charges? Bam! Bail is set at blah. That's all we needed. That's all that was necessary. Now I'm exhausted and angry. Is that what DEK wants? A wounded and miserable Ragdoll? I guess so. Because this charade of an episode is bound to continue. Blah bail is set at twenty-five grand. Blah surrender the passport blah. Finally, the gavel lands and we are free.

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