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Helen is staring out the window of her office. Bobby comes in and joins her at the window. She cries, "He was very -- it's as if there was no doubt in his mind that this was his way out." Rod thinks the judge could have started over. Helen pontificates about how that's probably what frightened him the most. Anyway. Blah after it happened, blah madhouse, blah paramedics blah cops blah. Helen ran right back to her office and called Rod, she "didn't know what else to do." Wah. Wah. Rod: "I'm glad you did." They stare longingly at one another. How many women on this show are supposed to be in love with him, and why? Blah. Helen: "How are you doing?" He's tortured. He's had a bad day. He's had a string of bad days. They embrace. Helen FONDLES Bobby's neck, then says, "Your wife's worried about you." Bobby half-laughs, "She's always worried about me!" Oh, and by the way, Rod, Fleming had a folder with your name on it, implicating you in his dirty scheme. Rod: "That bastard!" He flips through the file. "Are you accusing me of something?" Helen says, "Of course not." He flails the file in Helen's face: "Fleming was trying to get even. By the time I clear my name he will have succeeded." He shakes his head and calls Fleming a bastard again. Then he thanks Helen for warning him and leaves her office. But, behold, what does Helen have but a glimmer of deceit in her eye. She walks over to her paper shredder -- which is, of course, located right in her freaking office -- and shreds the documents, one by freaking one.

Next time on The Practice: A friend of Jimmy's is schizophrenic. Bobby lets him work on the case for one day. The Lump shows up at the hospital and sees his, well, jovial friend dressed up in a Superman-like outfit. We're all scared. I know. We can get through it together, I promise.

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