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The Firm. The fake sun is streaming in through the windows. Rod, Lucy, and an FBI agent are in the conference room. Rod's got his shirt completely undone, and the agent is sticking the wire to his chest. Lucy, for some strange reason, says, "This is just like Donnie Brasco!" Why is she there? What purpose does she serve in this scene other than to annoy? Rod: "Lucy! Do you mind?" FBI Agent X doesn't seem to mind. He says, "Actually, Brasco was FBI." Lucy continues her inane chatter: "How amazing was Johnny Depp?" For once I agree; he was amazing in that film. So was the crazy Anne Heche. And Al Pacino. But especially Johnny Depp. He's amazing in everything, from 21 Jump Street to From Hell. Right. Recap. FBI Agent X says, "Johnny Depp is an actor, now the real Donnie Brasco was amazing." Lucy perks, "You knew him!" FBI Agent X gives her the once-over. Uh-huh. There's some Lucy action. Rod is tired of someone else having a conversation. He's needy. He wants some attention. "Can we get on with this?" Oh, wait. Mitchell's in the room too. He starts briefing Bobby: "Fleming is going to need a signal that you want to deal. So the first thing that you do in court this morning is that you waive the jury and request a bench trial." Bobby says mockingly, "I'll have to consult with my client." Mitchell is oblivious to Rod's sarcasm. Either that or he's ignoring him. Greg continues, "This is how most defense attorneys seem to be approaching the judge. It shows that you're willing to put your fate into his hands." Bobby sighs. FBI Agent X is fiddling with the equipment. He's now got a huge pair of earphones on. He tells Bobby to say something. Bobby responds, "You're pissing me off." Heh. The Agent says, "Perfect. You can button up." Gratuitous Shot Of Rod's Chest #16, and that's just for this frame. FBI Agent X continues, "Keep this in your pocket." He hands Bobby a little clicker. "When you're ready to record, click it once and you're rolling." Nothing seems to be pleasing Bobby today. He barks, "How am I getting through security with this?" Not to worry, Greg's taken care of it all. The Feds have got a fake guard stationed at the security checkpoint. All Rod has to do is walk through with his keys; someone will notice that it's him, and wave him through. Ah, they've covered all the bases, haven't they?

Suffering County Courthouse Where They Revel In All Kinds Of Rod's Pain. Bobby approaches the security entrance. The Melody Of Apprehension strums along to serenade Rod as he approaches the gates. Things are beeping. Things are whizzing. He's sweating. He glances from one guard to the next. Oh, no, he can't decide where to go! Finally, he puts his briefcase down and walks through the metal detector. Of course, it goes off. Of course, the guard tells him to empty his pockets. Rod steps back through. Just as the one guard is about to frisk Bobby with the hand-held detector, an older guard tells the younger one to go frisk someone else. Bobby breathes a sigh of relief. Part One of the "sting" is over! Whew. How did he manage it? Where is his grace under pressure?

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