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Singing for Their Supper

Caitlin Koch, the 21-year-old rugby player/coach who impressed both Simon and Little Simon with her slow version of "Stop in the Name of Love," is about to perform at Casa Cowell. All she has to say to Simon before singing to him is, "I hope you're ready." Looks like he sent her back to the classic girl-group well, because she's doing a version of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," the same way she did her first audition. Try to be amazed that Simon threw the hot blonde a softball. And she hits it hard, of course. She gives props to the musicians while leaving the deck, and Simon gushes to his flunkies, who diplomatically agree, "Not necessarily the most exciting, but there's something about her." Certainly not the short dress.

It's time for Nick Voss (the guy with Vanilla Elvis hair) to sing for L.A. and Rihanna, and we see that at the Boot Camp auditions, he also pulled a Simone Battle by forgetting the words onstage. He reminds us that he's useless as anything but a performer, so we'll see how he does at that. L.A. is making him stretch by singing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." In this more intimate setting, without the dance moves and the hollering he usually relies on, he doesn't come off so well. In fact, L.A. and Rihanna look at him through most of it like, "Really?" But Nick thinks he did a great job. Glad he's happy with it.

Back to Santa Barbara, where group 4Shore is about to do their thing at Villa Abdul. They're determined to chase their dream and all that, and in front of Paula and Pharrell, they do their usual thing with the harmonies and the choreography, although both seem tighter than they have before. They go talk to Steve while Paula and Pharrell agree that their only drawback is being too clean. Better than the opposite, especially on that shiny dance floor.

James Kenney, who we've barely seen, is getting ready to sing for us, telling us about his five jobs that he's really hoping he doesn't have to go back to. He's counting husband and father among those five, so he'd probably be cool with holding onto those. He sings a song I don't know, which Nicole and Enrique take very seriously. They just wonder if he'd be better as a band's frontman than as a solo artist. Well, is it too late to make up a band to put him in? Wouldn't be the first time.

Time for Drew Ryniewicz, the 14-year-old Justin Bieber fan, if that's not redundant. She's loving France, and being one of the eight final girls who get to work with Simon, and walking around like she's shooting a video yearbook. Her sit-down performance of "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette sounds an awful lot better than it looks, with her nervous stare at Simon's inscrutable face through the whole thing. She nails the singing, and Simon and the flunkies marvel about her being only 14, wondering if that's too young. Well, plenty of future, at least.

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