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The other employees are still talking about how weird the hopefuls look and how bad they smell after the ads. Meredith, in a Velma Kelly wig for tonight's first episode, makes Kevin promise to tell her if she ever smells that bad. "Meredith, I tell you all the time," Kevin says. She takes that pretty good-naturedly.

The next candidate is Dwight's cousin Mose. "He's got a natural fear of paper, which would motivate him to get as much of it out of this office as possible!" Dwight THs optimistically. In the interview, Dwight questions Mose about the claim on his resume that he's been a sales rep at Dow for fifteen years. "You know we live together, right? And I've never seen you go to work ever." Caught, Mose gets up and flees the interview.

From the window above, Clark watches him go, apparently on foot all the way back to the beet farm. He turns back to what is now an American Idol-style holding room to ask the others how they heard about the position. Nate, the half-deaf warehouse worker (wearing a tie with his DM work shirt, which is not a successful fashion statement) explains that he heard about it from his mom because Dwight called her house not realizing Nate had moved out over a quarrel, "because I can't stay out of her stuff." Mose's taller, even weirder brother (played by Matt Jones, notably from Breaking Bad) overheard Dwight talking about it to Mose in the shower. "It's a cow shower, so there's like a ton of people in there," he explains, like Clark is an idiot for not understanding that. Dwight's babysitter-slash-ex-girlfriend from "Dinner Party" is also there, as is one of his friends from "X-Men School" (played by Eric Wareheim from Tim And Eric.) Yes, you heard that right. Dwight clarifies in a TH that he and some other kids were in fact victims of a con man who modeled himself after Charles Xavier from the X-Mencomics, though some kids never figured it out. Indeed, Dwight's former schoolmate explains his abilities: "Night hearing; dogs understand where I point; and our training included picking carrots, scrubbing tubs, sewing imitation Levi's, and a lot of telemarketing." Not parallel sentence structure, though, I see. [Note: There's also Ryan's former club-hopping short friend Troy from "Night Out."]

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