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Dwight quietly tries to get Jim's attention, but Jim extravagantly ignores him, talking aloud about how much he enjoys staring off in one direction. "If I'm not lookin' south, I'm not livin', that's what I always say." And here I always thought his desk faced west. What a shitty sense of direction I have. Anyway, trying to stay out of sight of the losers in the conference room, Dwight belly-crawls up behind him and drags Jim's chair, with Jim still in it, into Andy's office and closes the door.

Cut to Dwight deciding to give Jim a vote on who the junior salesperson will be after all. "You know I wouldn't hire any of these all-stars," Jim points out. Dwight acts disappointed, but then admits that he has higher standards for his coworkers than for his friends. "I just couldn't picture any of them in the old gold and grey." Yep, Dwight designed uniforms, and he shows off a few sketches for the camera in a TH.

So after that, Jim and Dwight are in the conference room addressing the rogue's gallery and Jim is the one who breaks the news that they're going with none of them. Dwight emotes fake outrage while Jim obligingly says it's entirely his call. Nate asks for the return of his resume because there's a chili resume on the back. And Rolf makes a veiled threat about suspicious packages and leads his fellow rejects out of the room. With the day basically shot, they decide to all go to paintball together, blowing off Dwight. And Creed follows them out. "I think that went well," Jim says to Dwight, who looks wounded at having just burned bridges with all of his friends. Such as they are.

Pam returns to the bullpen to see Jim training in Clark at his desk. "Trust me, this is the least of all the evils," Jim quietly assures her, adding that it took him all day to pull it off. Pam's not unappreciative, but says, "I mean, I kinda liked my old desk mate." So it could be worse between them, but then of course Jim has to run off for a board meeting.

As soon as he's gone, Dwight gets an email, subject line, 'Hey Jerk," and opens it to find a photo of all his friends in paintball gear, happily flipping off the camera over the caption "Glad you're not here." Who spelled it for them? Dwight philosophically THs, "They say that everyone outgrows their friends at some point in their lives. Well, I just outgrew them all in the span of three hours."

Clark gets up, asking Pam if she wants anything from the kitchen. She doesn't, but when Dwight asks him for a coffee refill, Clark holds up a hand and says he's gotta be "this cool" for coffee. Pam takes pity on Dwight, as she does, and asks if he wants to haze the new guy. "Absolutely I do," he Halperts. Pam gives him a roll of Saran Wrap from Jim's desk drawer for the next time Clark goes to the bathroom, but Dwight misunderstands and ends up pulling it tight over Clark's face. Fortunately we cut away before Clark suffocates.

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