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The Invention Of Roses

Tara: "It's fucked up!"
Jessica, firmly: "...No."

Tara does pull back, that time -- she thought Jessica was safe -- but Jessica knows that, too. She gets sad for a moment, before launching back into it again. Yes, and, as the improvisers say.

"Listen. I put myself through a lot of grief -- and, oh God, a ton of blood tears -- before I realized that these feelings are not bad. They're awesome. I mean, at least they can be."

And the kicker, having monitored Tara for signs of bolting every step of the way, "Either way, they're part of who we are now. And I feel like I am just now starting to figure out what it even means, to be a vampire."

Jessica: "Have you fed on a human yet? How was it?"
Tara: "It was all right..."
Jessica: "Yeah, no. How fucking great is it."
Tara: "Very. It is really fucking great."
Jessica: "Better than sex."
Tara: "...Yeah, actually. Huh."
Jessica: "You should try feeding and fucking at the same time!"
Tara: "Uhhhh still on Day 3 over here?"
Jessica: "Of course, sorry. But I mean, it's not just about the feeding, and the sex, and the power..."

Dar Williams says it like this: One day you will realize how lucky you are, because every person in their natural state is like East Berlin: You have this Wall, and all you know about the free world is their fireworks and the sound of their radios. But then the Wall comes down, and you see the punchline of the joke, which is that all those people are stumbling around, bumping into shit just like you, and most of all they are calling out, just like you, to be known. That every connection you are brave enough to make, within yourself, pays out tenfold in the connections you can make to everybody else. That loneliness is the biggest lie of all, because it's the first and last thing that unites every single one of us, so any victory over it means a collective shout for all of us.

For me, it was more like... Do you know this thing about The Sailor's Choice? If you wear too many clothes, they'll drag you down and you die. But if you start taking things off, you'll freeze to death. So you're stuck in the middle of the ocean, and way above you everybody else is having a great time, everything is just right, and down below you everything is dark and you don't know what's down there, but you know it's bad.

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