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The Invention Of Roses

Bill: "My free-form paranoia says even that could have been a part of the plan. Ultimately, we do know for a fact that she's a traitor and a liar, just like her brother..."

Right before Eric can either deck him or call the whaaambulance on both of them, Molly gives a little shout: They have until dawn before they are killed. Getting onto an elevator, she clicks some things on her tablet, and the iStakes start to glow.

Boys: "Yeah. They're glowing all right."
Molly: "Cool, that means we're good to go. Good luck! And if you don't make it, it's been rad serving you. Peace out."


The Boys, well-oiled machine that they are, split up the hospital to search.

Bill: "Sookie, we'd like to thank you for getting us this far, but Eric and I will take it from here. You can stay outside with the dog and his security guard."
Sookie: "Fuck you."

I love it when we get a writer who actually likes Sookie. It makes her so easy to like:

"First of all, I've seen enough horror movies to know you don't split up when you're in a big scary asylum, and there's a crazed killer on the loose. Second, I think it's fair to say that my microwave fingers and the sun are about the only things around here that seem to have any effect on Russell, so the way I see it, it's me protecting you from him instead of the other way around. Third, I got a headache and I gotta pee something fierce, so I'd just as soon get this over with."

Alcide giggles and follows her, dragging Doug after.


The shifters got gotten by wooden bullets, silver core, which isn't necessary for a shifter to die but probably this is somebody who either A) Hates shifters and just went to the Stake House or whatever to get a bunch of stuff at once, B) Doesn't know the rules about shifters yet, C) Was not hate-criming -- which is a theory with at least two strikes against it now -- or D) Was on the hunt for anything supernatural.

In the books, a similar storyline came about because of some American politics stuff I won't spoil for you, but basically it was A because of D and B. Given what we see at the end of the episode, though, I still don't know how "shifters" could be under such scrutiny on this show, but it does otherwise seem pretty similar. Any case, we know it's a hate crime. Taking out two specific people for no reason, point-blank with anti-supe weapons, basically says so.

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