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The Invention Of Roses

Oh right, so then what happens is that Sam and Luna get shot. Out on the lawn, as Luna's trying to get him and his doggie boner the fuck up out of her house and he's all, "I'ma come check on you tomorrow" and whatever. Emma runs away in the form of a puppy, and then Sam and Luna die! On her lawn! Barfily reaching for each other, as a bunch of anti-fanger type people in masks resembling a certain political figure who's currently in the news drive off in their pickup, yelling about shifters.

Now, Luna, would be the time to test my skinwalker theory and assume the form of Luna From Ten Minutes Ago, When She Had No Holes In Her Abdomen. I know I have talked a lot of shit about Luna over the years, but she is still one of the few acceptable things about Sam. Especially with Tommy gone.


Roman addresses the Authority, with Barb and Dietrich and Salome behind him: "There are traitors in our midst. Those who seek to tear down all that we have built together. Now, as Guardian, I am tasked with not only our political future, but the spiritual salvation of vampires everywhere. The question before us is..."

As Jason stands at his parents' graves and whatever whatever whatever, crying manfully and beautifully, and all, but this better be going somewhere cool because he's already done this cycle like three times already: "...Are we willing to share this world? As vampires, we have committed crimes against humanity, crimes for which we must now atone. The Sanguinistas want to turn the clock backwards, want to murder with impunity. They think of humans as nothing but sustenance."

And the Russell Hunt works its way down toward the Morgue: "So the choice is ours. Do we to return to a time where we skulked in the dark hiding in the shadows? Or are we willing to extend the promise of Lilith and her bountiful mercy to all of humanity? And live as equals?"

And Tara feeds on Hoyt, while in the next bathroom stall Jessica bites the blonde from the beginning of the episode: "The Sanguinistas say we are going against our nature, that Lilith commands us to feed. The pinnacle of the food chain..."

Jessica hears Hoyt begging her to stop, and bounces the blonde off the wall -- this poor girl! -- in her haste to get Tara off him, which is a good deed right up until a blood-crazed Tara starts a very zoomy fight with her in earnest, complicated by the Hoyt factor: "...But they are wrong. For if we let our sins flourish, if we are slaves to our bloodlust, if we let our hunger for power surpass our common decency, we doom our souls to damnation."

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