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The Invention Of Roses

And Sookie's Slow-Mo Band of Brothers finally makes it to the Morgue -- Bill looking once at Sookie -- where they find a pile of bodies, nearly waist-high, and Eric's fangs pop out, and they rush the room: "So let it be known. We will not cede the floor to the depraved and desperate tyranny of madmen and fanatics. We will not stand by while zealots hijack the righteousness of our cause. We will fight. And let the night cleanse us of our sins, and lead us to victory."

So I guess that's the religious pandering part? I like it. It's already his party line, I guess, but given by the way the entire Authority drops to their knees in front of the Lilith reliquary, I am guessing this is more formal and explicit. And a pretty great call to action, for any faith or creed or party: If our beliefs are what bind us together, are you really going to let the most insane, tiniest fraction pull the whole tablecloth down on us?

Russell: "Bitches, took you long enou... Sniff sniff. Hey, girl! Let me get a look at you!"
Sookie, verbatim: "Fuck you, you psychotic piece of shit."
Russell: "Hee, hee. Cute."
Eric, patronizing: "Hellooo, old friend. Do you remember me?"

Russell's voice turns to steel when he mentions Talbot; just as Alcide's dropping to the floor behind them, he grins.

"Give it your best shot."


Fairy hands, presumably. More of that dreadful Baby Vamp fight, but hopefully it'll turn out okay and not end up some kind of odious "Only a slut would bite my ex-boyfriend" kind of "chicks before dicks/sistas before mistas" nonsense, but we'll see. Sam bleeds out and Luna goes on some kind of dark skinwalking spree against the bigots, maybe but probably not. Probably the other way around, knowing Sam's stupid ass. Um, Hoyt gets kidnapped by more/the same anti-supe teabaggers, Bill continues to be unnerving, Pam is all irritated like usual, and Nora continues to be amazing, most likely.

JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps Bunheads , Pretty Little Liars and True Blood for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at, on Twitter, and on Facebook. IRL work appears in BenBella's SmartPop series of anthologies, and novelette "The Commonplace Book" will appear on in October 2012.

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