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The Invention Of Roses

Salome: "And yet millions of intelligent people manage to reconcile their faith with reality, every single day."
Roman: "And don't get shit for it, because they know to shut the fuck up about it. So then all that's left is this pathetic conversation between morons and autistics about shit like dinosaurs and Santa Claus."
Salome: "Well, and us. Talking about how superior we are in another room."
Roman: "Doesn't mean we're wrong. Either way, it just seems like a lot of wasted energy."
Salome: "Speaking of, this conversation."

Roman: "Right, so we're two Chancellors down, and you're clearly a spy, or revving me up for some third reason..."
Salome: "You know how I've been saying you should toss some deterrent action their way and scare them to death? Flip that and reverse it. Now I think you should pander."
Roman: "No way! Those fuckos will take everything, refuse to read a single word of anything in front of them, and still end up flying planes into the IRS building."
Salome: "Or you throw a broad-band bone to the entire religious base, whether they're nutsacks or terrorists or moderates. Also known as being a responsible leader, of course, but in this exact political moment also a canny move."
Roman: "Well okay, but only because I can't see that you are clearly working an agenda here."


Terry looks around Eller's insane compound, covered in pictures of everything on fire, having just been kidnapped and tied down by him, and pulls this Brainy Smurf nonsense:

Terry: "Well, there's no denying it. Eller's the firebug."

Thanks for catching us up, Terry. I can't wait for your sudden revelation in about ten years that you married the worst human being on the planet. Eller comes back down to give them more crazy eyes, and they beg him to chill. But chill, he will not.

Eller: "Maybe if I kill you, it'll forgive me?"
Patrick: "Probably not? Also, what?"
Eller: "It's also not me doing this, if you hadn't figured that out. I was sleeping on Kessler's couch when I got back from the war -- because you know how I'm batshit crazy? -- and when I woke up, their house was on fire, and the monster of fire chased them down the hall on purpose and killed them, and then it came looking for me."
Patrick: "Well, none of that is true. But how did you get away?"

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