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The Invention Of Roses

Jason: "...Whatever, let's talk about me. Andy, do you remember when we came back from that fairy club?"
Andy: "That is hate speech. I don't really care, but you never know who's listening."
Jason: "That's ... not the same thing as not being a bigot. It's the opposite, in fact. But in this case it's unnecessary for you to have even said that, because it was an actual fairy club, of faeries. Like how I'm half-faerie..."
Andy: "I always kinda figured. Also, is that why everybody wants to sleep with you all the time?"
Jason: "Until four episodes ago it was. Now I'm just a victim."

Andy: "Wait, so I fucked a faerie?"
Jason: "If you fucked one of the girls or boys at that club, then yes."
Andy: "Fuck it. I don't care if those ladies are fairies or leprechauns or frickin' Ewoks. I got a good thing starting up with Holly, and I ain't gonna let Maurella and her sexy fairy friends mess it up for me. So I'm gonna steer clear of that place. And also don't talk about it."

Remember in S2 when Andy was the only one who noticed Maryann and he was all, "I saw a pig!" all the time? I think shit like this is why. You can look him in the face and say, "I am half fae," and he'll just be like, "I want one of those fried chicken sandwiches where the bread is more fried chicken, do they still make those?" Case in point:

Sam: "We were just supposed to have dinner, but when I got here, Emory and Suzanne were dead on my porch. I've known them about a year, and they're very nice boring people who certainly should not be inspiring sniper behavior."
Andy: "Anything else? Anything weird?"
Sam: "Well... We're shifters?"
Andy: "All of you?"

Meaning, I guess, that Andy knows what shapeshifters are -- does he? -- and that he's all "whatever" about Sam being one, even though half the time he's up Sam's ass about... Oh no, he knows this because of the Maryann thing, when Jason and Andy pretended that Sam was God and then he turned into a fly and then into a bull.

I do, I still love this show. I still can't quite believe -- and this season, I maintain, is the best since S2 so far -- that I got to write that sentence, as my actual job. People talk about how this show is just mindless garbage, and sometimes I agree with them, but that's what makes the awesome parts so much awesomer: None of the dumb people that would say that are going to notice either way.

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