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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

There's a knock on C.J.'s door. She opens the door and immediately says "no!" It's the Secret Service -- C.J. is being given a detail of two agents (DeCastro and Shay). Their boss is with them, and C.J. tells him that she doesn't want the detail, but he steamrolls right over her. One of the few flaws with this episode was that there was no acknowledgment of the fact that C.J.'s resistance to having Secret Service protection is not just stubbornness on her part. Instead, it probably springs from the fact that the last time she had an agent protecting her, she fell in love with him, and then he was murdered. As C.J. tries to close the door, a hand hits it and one more person walks through. She sticks her head out into the hall to see if anyone else is coming before she closes it again. I do wonder where C.J. is supposed to be living. I'm still trying to think of a place near D.C. that would have a fancy apartment building and still be within a mile of a pasture.

C.J. gets off an elevator in the White House walks up to Charlie, who is waiting outside the residence. She asks him if he's been waiting for her, and he tells her that he just knocked. He asks her if she's okay. C.J." "In the event of an emergency, I stand in the middle of a field with a cow and wait to be airlifted." Jed opens the door and asks C.J. if she's excited. She starts briefing him as they walk down the hall. He dons his jacket (via coat flip, of course), and it comes down square on top of C.J.'s head -- she has to duck way down to get out from under it. (It was either that or end up with her face stuck to Jed's back.) As she comes up, she brushes her hair out of her eyes. She also continues briefing Jed without a hitch. It was very hard to tell if that was accidental or planned. If it was planned, it was a great touch. If it was accidental, these actors have far more aplomb than I ever will; I would never have made it through the scene without breaking into laughter. They enter Debbie's office just as Jed tells C.J., "You're gonna be great at this." And then, to the world at large: "She's gonna be great." C.J. veers off to go to her office, and Debbie asks Jed if C.J. is nervous. He tells her that she's fine. Debbie: "That's good. I'd be apoplectic." Jed tells Charlie to try to keep things light by rescheduling anything that can wait. He also asks him to check with the hospital and see if Leo is up for a phone call.

Margaret's work area. A handsome young man (named Elroy) is standing there with a rolling cart full of binders. C.J. walks up, and Margaret introduces her to Elroy. Apparently, he's the guy who brings the briefing books. C.J. looks as the cart and asks, "These are this week's?" Margaret: "These are today's." Just then Toby walks by and asks C.J. if she's ready. His arms are full of folders and papers. She tells him that she asked Josh to be there to back him up, but he probably forgot. Toby is a bit insulted at the thought that he needs backup.

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