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C.J. Kicks Some Ass Into Orbit

C.J.'s office. She is standing behind her desk as Josh, Toby, and Will file in. She calls them "men of valor." Quick, call the Secret Service -- someone has slipped C.J. some drugs. Toby starts to apologize, and she tells him that she'd like to move past it. But he keeps going, and she eventually has to tell him to shut up. Margaret comes in, and in response to Josh's question, tells them all that Leo is awake and cranky. She asks C.J. if she's started the senior staff meeting, and C.J. tells her that apparently she has. (Which I think Margaret should know, because she just told the senior staff that C.J. was ready for them.) Josh and Toby take seats in front of C.J.'s desk. Margaret points out that Leo normally likes to glance over the top sheet of the intel reports and circle items about which he has questions so that he can get information before the afternoon briefing. Josh tells her to go ahead: "We can wait." C.J. sits down at the table in the front of the office (against the wall farthest from her desk), and starts circling items on the page. At the end, she just draws a big circle around the entire list. Margaret tells her that they'll set aside some extra time. As Josh and Toby look on (with Will nowhere in sight, although I know he's in the room), Margaret tells C.J. that Leo also likes to order his lunch before the senior staff meeting: "Leo likes a roast turkey sandwich." C.J.: "That's fine." Margaret stands there expectantly, and then asks, "Mayo?" C.J.: "Please tell me we can discuss this later."

C.J. stays in her seat at the table and starts the meeting. She tells them that they need to change the search for a new Press Secretary from priority three to priority one. It's at this point that Toby and Josh realize that C.J. is not going to sit behind her desk, and they each stand up and turn their seats around. (Toby does it by picking up the chair and holding it firmly in place against his ass as he turns around). C.J. tells Toby to draw up a list of four or five names. C.J. tells them that someone from DCCC (that's the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, for those of you outside the Beltway) is coming to meet to discuss campaigns for open congressional seats. She wants Josh to meet with him and then meet with Will to discuss Bingo Bob's role as a fundraiser for these folks. Toby tells C.J. that he'll take the meeting because the person who will likely come hates Josh (which seems to come as a surprise to Josh), but C.J. tells him that Josh will take the meeting. Toby seems pained by C.J.'s order. She tells him to work with the CDC on the issue of the disease outbreak in Ecuador. She goes on to remind them all that the peace plan is still vulnerable, and that they have to act especially confident, and avoid the implication that the President "is in over his head." Josh reminds her that Toby's actual words were "working without a net." Huh. I just realized that there is some woman standing behind Will. I wonder who that is?

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