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The Fennels return home and immediately smell gas. Wallace rushes in to turn it off, which seems risky, but understandable. Less understandable is the way the three of them casually hang out on the porch afterward, like the gas that already leaked into the air is no threat. Coco thinks now they have something to go to the police with. Why couldn't they have gone before, when they actually caught the guy in the house? As I said before, Coco, you look great, but I'm starting to see where Wallace gets his brains.

Sometime later, a deputy is telling the Fennels that there's nothing he can do -- they're just going to have to get a lawyer and file an eviction notice. Coco snits that Psycho Aidan Quinn won't be out for sixty days even in the best-case scenario. Coincidentally, that's how long this subplot feels already. Wake me up when something happens.

Wallace arrives at the Mars house, and asks if he can crash there, since his house is getting exterminated. Veronica senses something's not right, although Wallace doesn't confess the truth. She asks Keith if he went to see Coco. Keith gives a very diplomatic version of what happened, but at some urging from Veronica, he goes out, presumably to try again. Wallace confesses to Veronica that his mom thinks he's staying at his imaginary friend "Norman"'s. The fact that his mother accepted this without insisting on meeting this Norman or talking to his parents suggests to me that Coco is only too aware of the "imaginary" status of Wallace's friend. Which in turn clearly underscores exactly what she thinks of Veronica. Tough town, Veronica. Tough town. Veronica doesn't get it at first, but Wallace tells her that the "old biddies at the Kane Software rumor mill are filling her head with a lot of garbage." Veronica's typically bitterly amused, and changes the subject to microwave popcorn. Which is never a non sequitur. VMVO: "Does it ever bother me? What people say? Okay, maybe once in a while. Depends who's listening." Despite the unnecessary voice-over, nice scene. It feels weird to have to emphasize that.

Mars Investigations. Keith learns that Psycho Aidan Quinn has a police record. I didn't know "impersonating a shitty actor" was a crime. It goes a long way to explain prison overcrowding, though.

Psycho Aidan Quinn arrives home. Going to his refrigerator (in his MASSIVE kitchen, in his apartment that looks just as nice as the Fennels'), he opens it, and the light reveals that Keith is sitting in the dark drinking something. Keith informs him that he has to have his stuff packed up and out of there by 6 AM, which is six hours hence. PAQ: "Not."

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