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Alarm, 6 AM. PAQ turns it off, and is scared out of his wits to find Keith sitting next to his bed. Hey, PAQ, at least it wasn't Adam Goldberg. That would send me straight into therapy. I think Keith set the alarm, which is cool. Keith tells PAQ that it's real nice that he took advantage of a single mom, and accuses PAQ of putting on a big act with acting all crazy. PAQ is all catatonic here, which may seem weird, but I usually see 6 AM from the other side, so I'm not really one to talk. Keith, however, seems at one point like he's going to get into bed with PAQ, and considering he's talking about extreme craziness at the time, it really looks like he might go through with it. Not to mention that he's already addressed PAQ as "big boy." But instead, he barks like a dog and lets out a primal scream and shakes PAQ out of bed. "See, that was crazy." No, Keith, Giving Whoopi Goldberg yet another show is crazy. That was merely acting. With a capital "A." Anyway, Keith tries again with the "you're leaving, now" schtick, and his audience is more receptive this time around, which I guess just means that PAQ is a huge pussy.

Sometime later, PAQ is moving his stuff out as Keith contentedly sips coffee. Again, that's appropriate, because coffee is the thing I couldn't have made it through this subplot without.

Backup 2.0! Veronica and Wallace are getting ready to leave for school when Keith returns. Wallace can't find his keys, and Keith tosses them to him. "The last place you'd think to look." Hee. For once, Veronica is like, "Guh?" Wallace expresses the same sentiment, but it's a lot less novel coming from him.

Veronica's hanging with Mac. I like that Mac's nail polish matches her hair, by the way. Veronica tries to log in to her account, but they discover that someone's already using it. There was debate in the forums over this, and I have to say it doesn't sound realistic that she couldn't get in, but otherwise, they'd have no call to go rushing off to the journalism room. Therein, they find no one, but at the computer in question, Veronica discovers that someone sent Duncan an email from her account telling him that she's still in love with him, and by the way, when they were going out, she had VD. Um, hee. It's mean, but it's also so over the top that there's no way Duncan would ever believe it's genuinely from Veronica, so I find it kind of hilarious. Veronica, however, does not: "Am I naked? Because in my nightmares I'm usually naked." And if Mac is really supposed to be the Willow character, that comment should be stirring feelings she won't really understand for another three seasons or so. Anyway, the blossoming of Sapphism is interrupted by the popping up of an IM that says, "Where'd u go?" and is signed "Froggy," with an appropriate amphibious graphic. We ask that you use proper capitalization and spelling around here, Froggy. It makes your IMs that much easier to mock.

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