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Mars Investigations, Loose Ends Division. Coco enters and tells Keith that PAQ moved out. Did Coco not witness Keith lording his victory over PAQ? Because that was kind of hard to miss. Coco adds that Wallace tells her Keith is to thank. Keith graciously hands her a cup of coffee and tells her that the law works slowly, and that he was worried...for Wallace. Coco apologizes for how awful she was, and says that Keith must be a very decent man. She also implies that the things people say about him are pretty bad. Hey, maybe it's just that they saw the pilot. Coco sips her coffee, and manages to choke out a request for sugar. Hee. Nice form on not spitting it in his face. I guess her attitude toward him really has changed.

So I just took a break to eat dinner, and Galaxy Quest was on TBS. I haven't watched that since I started recapping Veronica Mars, so I flipped it on. Man, I forgot how fucking hilarious Colantoni was in that. "Commander, some of the crew have requested to be present at this HISTORIC event!" If he wanted to convince PAQ he was nuts, he should have just channeled his performance in that role. While wearing the wig, of course. In other Galaxy Quest-related news, I couldn't love Sam Rockwell more if he showed up at my door with a bottle of chianti and an early X-Files marathon.

Oh, right, this last scene. It's not that big a deal, so maybe I'll skip it.

Jeez, calm down! Kidding! Prison. Veronica sits down behind the glass. She picks up the phone to talk to Koontz. As noted in the forums, I don't know how Veronica could have gotten in without ID showing her as Ellen White. Koontz tells Veronica she's a breath of fresh air, and throws her a little test about their hometown, which she passes. He muses that she reminds him of someone he knew a long time ago. I should throw in that Koontz is played by the same actor who played Balthazar in the Buffy episode "Bad Girls," so you know he can bring the creepy. And he's doing exactly that here, as he, as I sort of alluded to earlier, is giving off a kind of Jame Gumb-esque vibe, with the weird accent and the towering over Veronica and the CUCKOO! Watch out for the butterflies, Veronica! She shows him the sneaker pictures, and suggests that they could prove his innocence, or at least force a retrial. Koontz says he's not interested in any such thing, and reveals that he knows who Veronica is, because he used to see Lianne when she came into the office on lunch hours. As he works himself up into a lather, he adds that Veronica isn't Keith's daughter, but Jake's: "Look in a mirror! Are you the product of a schlubby sheriff, or the King and Queen of the prom?" Oy. Look, not to take away from the acting in this scene, because it's top-notch. But the problem is, Lianne and Veronica look nothing alike. And even though that's a pretty major flaw, considering that part of this plot point depends on Koontz recognizing the family resemblance, I could possibly let it go, were it not for the fact that Koontz is pushing the "You don't look like Keith, so you're not his child" argument. Either resemblances matter, or they don't. I mean, by Koontz's argument, Veronica could be the child of Haaron Echolls and Inga from the sheriff's office. (Aside to Rob Thomas: Is that right? You can tell me!) Anyway, having dropped the bomb, Koontz deems the conversation over. Veronica looks stunned. "Who's your daddy," indeed.

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