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Juliet and Cee Lo are working together on "Born to be Wild." She thinks that since it is about outcasts, it fits their weird little team. They talk about the guys, and how they could be a threat because they all have strong voices, but he just says to push her rock edge. He tells her to be "confident but not complacent." He says that he wants to help her move on professionally and still believes in her, but maybe seems a little resigned to the fact that she doesn't have a shot in hell of winning this.

Naturally the performance has men AND women in giant cages (so Christina can't get all pissed off). Cee Lo and Juliet start on motorcycles, and then they sing. I can barely hear her, except for when she's screaming at the top of her lungs. Cee Lo growls a lot. There's a bit much going on with the staging, but I can only really pay attention to the fact that Cee Lo seems trapped in his leather jacket and very much would like to get out of it. Eventually he gets it unzipped, and I think he's going to have some sparkly shirt underneath, or at least a picture of a cat, but no. The shirt has printing on it, but I can't quite make out what it says. It was a fine, forgettable performance that looked better than it sounded.

Another duet, this one is from Adam and Tony. They are on stage rehearsing "Yesterday" by The Beatles. They are both big fans of The Beatles and really want this to be perfect.

Tony plays acoustic guitar, while he and Adam alternate verses and then harmonize on the chorus. I like that it is a stripped down quiet song -- it's a nice juxtaposition to "99 Problems." Not that I'm a huge Tony Lucca fan, but I do think that he's taken Christina's bitter comment about being "one note" to heart and really tried to show some diversity. The girls in the audience go wild, not sure if that is because Adam is wearing the tightest t-shirt of all time.

Chris Mann is talking to Christina Milian. Snooze.

Jermaine's thank you song is "God Gave Me You." Good for Jermaine for actually knowing a song by Blake. I like Blake, but if put on the spot, I'm not sure I could actually name a song that he sings. This one is pretty, and just Jermaine on stage with two guys and guitars. I could actually see this song being an R&B kind of hit for Jermaine, maybe with a slightly different arrangement. Carson jokes that it was way better than the original and Blake is a good sport and laughs. You know Christina would have been making a Carson voodoo doll if he said that about her. Jermaine says that God put him on team Blake.

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