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Chris Mann is doing his solo song, but first we have to watch his journey. We have to see him do that Coldplay song, and Christina talks about how multi-dimensional he is. Really? So of course this is followed up by Chris saying he's doing Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up." Full confession time, I actually love Josh Groban. Seen him in concert, own all his albums and everything. This may come as a shock since I'm so anti-Chris, but there's something about Groban's personality and voice that I find interesting and appealing, that I just don't get from Chris. When he sings, I feel it. Like I'd hang out with Josh Groban and get some drinks and laugh about nerdy pop culture crap... Chris Mann seems like a singing robot who gets tucked in the closet after each performance. Even his parents seem like they could be hired extras.

This song is well within Mann's wheelhouse, so he does a fine job with it. There's not a smidge of originality to it. And the woman doing the sign language version off to the side is far more enthusiastic to be performing on the finale of this show than Chris is. Then a group of teens come out to sing with him. We see a close-up of Christina crying. Whatever. Were there fake tears in that coffee cup she had before? Because I certainly didn't feel that deep of an emotional connection to this song.

Cee Lo's shirt says "No Problems." Is that a nod to Tony Lucca? He says that if he ever falls in love he'd like Chris to sing at his wedding. That's the perfect place for Chris Mann to be performing. Celebrity weddings. Christina says that she loves her team, and he and Lindsay made her cry. And she reminds us that she's sick and says that she loved singing with him, but she doesn't say much about this actual song. Who the hell really even cares at this point?

Blake and Jermaine are doing "Soul Man." Blake's excited to be coached by Jermaine and wants to sing with someone so powerful. It's really adorably hopeless. Jermaine says they are the odd couple, and they look like they laugh the entire time they are rehearsing. I'm pretty excited to see why they call Blake "Shufflin' Shelton." Does he party rock in his spare time?

Blake takes the first verse, but classily steps back when it is Jermaine's verse in a very cute sort of way. How come we haven't heard more talk about their odd couple bromance? Blake doesn't really shuffle, but he does play a mean air guitar. This isn't the most vocally spectacular song, but it is fun, and the guys both work the audience and really seem to be enjoying their time together.

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