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For Tony's his tribute to Adam, he's doing Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe." This might be the perfect song for him. He does best with songs that are chock full of words that he can emote in various ways, instead of songs with big notes for him to do ridiculous runs on. Actually, it seems like he flubs a line, but it's over quickly, not like hitting one bad big note, which you can't ignore. Tony thanks Adam, and then gives credit to all the judges for their constructive criticism all season long. Christina is bored and texting while he's talking. Such a bitch.

I wondered why Adam was drinking Starbucks before, but apparently there is some sort of deal where you can buy music from the finalists while you get your morning cup o' joe. Who would do that instead of downloading it on iTunes? Is it free? Maybe it was free, but that's unclear.

Juliet is up last doing her solo song. Along the way she was brunette, then blonde and then brunette again. She really likes that Cee Lo gets how she sings from her soul. She says The Voice has changed her life. So she's singing "Free Bird."

She's dressed in a giant red cape and a tight geometrical gown... to perform Lynyrd Skynyrd? It's a... choice. It works OK for the soft beginning, but it seems restricting for the more uptempo part. There's a part where her cape gets swept up by some fans and seems to smother her, which momentarily looks cool, but I feel like the whole song was only good and not great. Cee Lo is tearing up, but it could have been shrapnel blown into his eye. Adam loves the grit in her voice. Christina thinks she's amazing, but makes it all about her by reminding the world that they are both sick. Cee Lo says that with Juliet on his team, he has "No Problems. "

And we're done. Tomorrow's the two-hour finale and we'll see one of these people crowned the second winner of The Voice. I'm on Team Anyone but Chris Mann.

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