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Christina calls her sexy, and says she makes her want to sing country music. Because it wouldn't be The Voice if Christina didn't find a way to make this all about her. And while her black dress is rather tame, Xtina stepped it up hard in the make up department wearing an entire tin of blue eyeshadow on her lids. Cee Lo says that was her best performance yet, Adam agrees. Blake is grinning from ear-to-ear and he's really proud of her. He says she proved that country can kick ass. Is that what happened? I wasn't aware.

Christinia Milian is hanging out in the padded room backstage wearing a mohawk that looks like she left some old lady curlers in it. Lindsey Pavao is giggling about the possibility of getting kicked off, perhaps because her gloves have giant spikes on them and she could mess up a motherfucker if they voted against her.

Jesse Campbell is doing "Halo" at Christina's request, and he's nervous about being dubbed the one to beat. He and his mentor are meeting in a room that is filled with guitars, but a different room of guitars? These are electric. Is this some sort of studio, or do Blake and Christina BOTH have giant rooms in their homes filled with guitars? Jesse says that the song is for his daughter and he's hoping it is enough to stay.

He starts out at the top of stairs in the middle of a giant picture frame. And then there are pictures of his kid on some video screens. It's sweet, but I think his voice suffers from having to walk down the flight of stairs while singing. That was bad planning on Christina's part. Still, Jesse's daughter is in the audience and she looks touched, and not at all embarrassed the goofy photos of her childhood being displayed larger than life for the entire world to see. He does some big runs and hits some massive power notes at the end. And just starts saying 'halo' over and over, which makes it seem like he forgot the words, but I think it is just Christina's influence rubbing off on him.

Cee Lo says it was amazing. Adam reminds Jesse he wanted him on his team, and says that the song initially underwhelmed and then it kicked in and he was wowed. Blake agrees that it was great. Christina thinks it worked on an emotional level, and she liked the pictures, which isn't a commentary on his vocal ability at all. I don't think it was the best song choice for him, but she's the one who picked it, so maybe she doesn't want to look like an ass.

Grimm is still on... good for that show, I guess.

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