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Jordis is backstage in a different outfit talking to Christina Milian, and she's got her dad with her and he's more than a little enthusiastic. He busts out some James Brown. She teases that Justin Bieber video that they will be debuting tomorrow. (So this is where you can see videos nowadways? Good to know.) Carson with a straight face says that he can't wait. Has someone sucked all emotions out of him? Is he the male version of the Julie Chenbot, but with a less adventurous/terrible fashion sense?

Ashley de la Rosa is shy, but according to Christina is proving herself to people. Gee, she was in the bottom three. Do you really think she's proving herself? America clearly doesn't like her. She's doing Jewel's "Foolish Games," but she's doing it as if she were Amy from Evanescence. She also still gets awestruck by Christina being her coach, which is a little bit adorable, if sycophantic, but it could be good strategy in a week that the coaches are in charge.

She starts out in a cloud of fog, which is probably killing the audience members whose faces are right at the edge of the stage. She's on the ground, and then stands up as it gets to the chorus. I like the idea of this version, but I feel like she's just missing about 90 percent of the notes. She does manage to land the big belty note at the end, so the judges will likely focus on that. And at the end her microphone is shaking uncontrollably, so she's either very nervous, excited or just trying to make me dizzy.

Cee Lo says that everyone seems to enjoy it, and he said it got better when she stood up. Note that he doesn't really say that he enjoyed it, just that the audience did. Adam says he's underwhelmed by Cee Lo's muted response. He thinks that Ashley is the biggest surprise so far. Blake thinks Christina made a smart decision saving her, and he likes her progression from week to week. Christina likes that she made the song her own, and that she nailed it. Guess so long as she can hit the big belt, she's fine for Team Christina.

Maroon 5 is premiering their new song "Payphone" with Wiz Kalifa. So Adam's got a new song, but Christina is singing an old chestnut that is nearly a decade old? Try harder, Christina. Then again, this song references a type of communication that I thought went out of use over a decade ago. This song is more of the soft touchy-feely Maroon 5 instead of the poppier "Moves Like Jagger." I'm sure it will sell like gangbusters. It seems like Adam must say "shit" a few times, because it keeps getting edited. I like Wiz Khalifa, but it seems weird that he just comes out and raps in the middle of this song. I'm sure there were better uses for his talents than this particular number.

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