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I was going to ignore Christina Milian, but she does inform us that its Ashley's birthday. Would Christina Aguilera cut her on her 18th birthday?

Team Blake is singing The Eagles' "Heartache Tonight"... which is... interesting. He really lets his four mentees take the lead, and he just kind of shouts out the chorus like your drunk uncle at a wedding. While it was an odd choice, I do like that he's really all about his team, and not completely self involved.

Jermaine Paul tells Blake that he's heard from Alicia Keys, because we can't go 30 seconds talking about Jermaine without someone reminding us that he did backup for someone famous. He's doing "Against All Odds," and Jermaine worries that it is too emotional and he'll start crying about his family halfway through the song. Blake says tears are OK as long as he keeps singing.

He starts out sitting on a stool and crooning, but quickly hits a string of runs and some falsetto. Blake may have been right; it's definitely the performance of the night. He does a fantastic job of keeping it from being boring, showing off all kinds of range. He really nails it.

Christina says Jermaine is her favorite Team Blake member, and she likes his connection to the music. Cee Lo loves him some Phil Collins (who knew?) and says he's a strong contender. Adam gets I love yous from the audience and from Jermaine, but he liked it though he might have over-embellished a little bit. Blake thinks this could have been his turning point for his whole career, and the moment that launched him into superstardom.

Christina's last person is Chris Mann, who is doing Coldplay's "Viva la Vida." I'd be worried if I was in his shoes, what with the elimination coming up. Jesse's awesome, and according to the judges, the one to beat. Lindsey's my favorite. Ashley seems to have youth and popularity on her side. Chris worries that his classical style doesn't endear him to the audience.

He's playing violin as the stage filled of girls who look like they came out of a Robert Palmer video, and he's trying very hard to channel Chris Martin. It's odd. Mostly because it really seems like he's trying to shoehorn his vocal abilities into this style that doesn't really suit him, and he almost misses words and seems out of breath by the end. Clearly the operatic guy isn't used to running around the stage riling up an audience.

Adam compliments his suit, but wanted to hear something more operatic from him, though he didn't hate it. The other judges get ignored because they must be running short on time? I guess. Christina says she likes that he challenged the norm, and says he made it his own. She's lying, he didn't. It was almost identical to the original, except where Chris Martin doesn't nearly hyperventilate while performing it.

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