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Time to once again bring out the remaining acts with their mentors: Britney with Carly, L.A. with Tate, and Simon with Fifth Harmony and Emblem3. I know which team would lose if it were a street fight, that's for sure. Mario gets ready to announce the first act who gets to go through, and it's... Fifth Harmony! They freak out, of course, and even Emblem3 looks happy for them, even though this almost certainly means the end for the boys. Simon laughs incredulously because even he can't believe it, and Britney's making a hilarious WTF face that is probably all over the internet in .gif form by the time you read this. The hosts get some happy reactions from Simon and a couple of the girls, and Mario leaves us with the bad news: one of last week's top three is going to be out of here. And Britney's continued horrified expression doesn't say much for her opinion of Carly's prospects.

Coming back, Mario tells us about the "shock" result that came before the ads (I listen carefully but in vain for five young female voices to yell out from backstage, "We heard that!"), and L.A. says Simon was right last night when he said anything can happen because it just did. Khloe turns to Britney and mentions her total lack of poker face earlier, and Britney says she was disappointed, figuring it would be the other way around for the groups. Which doesn't say much for her opinion of Emblem3's prospects.

Before we can continue, Bridgit Mendler is here to sing an unthreatening little pop song and be young, skinny and blonde. She seems like one of those people who wouldn't have reached an episode in this stage of the competition if she weren't already famous. Or, you know, getting there, since I'm not sure she is. At least not enough to get a standing ovation from the judges. There's another long plug for the upcoming 2013 auditions, and then I need to take some time to try to restore my will to live.

There are still more results to announce, and Mario works in an even longer pause before announcing the name of the second act going to the finale. It's Tate Stevens, shocker, and Simon looks like a Star Trek transporter just beamed an entire peeled lemon into his mouth. Khloe calls Tate over to make him cry by bringing up his wife, and earns her bonus for the week by succeeding. As for L.A., he admits he's not a country music fan, but he is a Tate Stevens fan. That leaves Carly and Emblem3 waiting to find out which of them goes on to next week's final and which of them gets taken out back and shot, along with their mentor. That's the only explanation for the expression Britney's currently wearing.

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