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Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan takes a flying leap. Elena, who looks just like Katherine -- don't you know -- flips her gloriously shiny, shiny hair. At the Founders' Party, she spies Damon and Stefan's signatures on the very first Founders' Day guest registry, but Damon smoothes things over. Damon later says Stefan and Katherine were the perfect couple. She's-the-Sheriff asks the rest of the F'n CoW if they got the Gilbert watch. Logan "Scum" Fell can get it. A blood-starved Damon tells Vicki to come closer, and she foolishly does. As he drinks in her blood she sinks to the ground. Tiki's "Alzy-heimer" Grandpa recognizes Stefan from that time he saw 1953. Stefan wants to tell Elena things he can't.

Now: There's a new poll right over there, on your right. Don't forget to vote on it and grade the episode, too. I'll give the results of the last poll, later in this weecap. Right now, let's get to "Lost Girls" -- which is easily the best episode of the series to date. I know, I've said that a lot lately, but it keeps getting better. Believe me. No one is more surprised than I. "Lost Girls," which thankfully has nothing to do with the Alan Moore property of the same name, picks up right where "You're Undead To Me" left off. Elena tells her diary that she's not a believer. After she's done recounting her reasons for thinking Stefan is a vampire, despite her unbelief, she takes off in her car and screeches up to Mossy Manse, because... smart girls who are not blessed with the preternatural ability to kill the things that go bump in the night -- they run to the monster? Um. Inside, Stefan grabs a stake, and sets out to hunt the brother he should have killed long ago. Elena approaches his front door, just as he rips it open, and we jump to...

Mystic Falls Virginia, 1864: A still human Stefan Salvatore throws open his front door and walks out into the bright Virginia sun. He waits on the veranda in his impossibly cute outfit, as a carriage approaches. The footman helps a female slave descend. She, in turn, helps her mistress -- Miss Pierce. If you can ignore oozing sore on our nation's ass that is slavery, I guess she's a vision. Wait. Wipe the pus away. Now see. Isn't she so pretty? You missed some slime, right on her bodice. There ya go. Katherine and Stefan are taken with one another from the first. He approaches her with a bow. She curtsies in return and holds out her hand, telling him to call her Katherine. Three cheers to both Wesley and Dobrev, here. He manages to look younger than his years and she looks older. Costumes aside -- I can tell which character I'm looking at -- just from their faces. That's no mean feat. Title Card!

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