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Gilbert Gables: Elena cleans up Vicki's mess in the kitchen as Germ suggests they check in with my Pudding Pop -- to whom he is perpetually rude. Elena knows what I mean, so she says they'll just wait. Germ says, "I don't know what's wrong with her." Elena can't tell him the truth, so she just says, "She'll be fine. It'll all be fine." The doorbell wrings. It's Damon! Elena tries to shut the door on his face, but she's unsuccessful, thanks in large part to Germ, who just stands there like a dolt. Finally, she sends him to his room (and he goes -- hee). Damon taunts Elena about being afraid of him and guesses that Stefan finally 'fessed up about being a vampire. When Elena tells him to stay away from her, he tells her he's just looking for Stefan and there's no need to be rude. He asks if he can come in, and then says, "Oh, wait. Of course I can. I've been invited." Elena seems to be remembering back to the night that she first invited him in her house, despite Stefan's objections. What we need is Bonnie -- and a Bonnie who has learned a de-invite spell from Willow, thank you very much. But Bonnie's not in this episode, darn it. Neither is Caroline, nor Tyler, nor Aunt Jenna, for that matter. Back on topic -- Damon tells her he's not going to kill her "right now" because that wouldn't serve his greater agenda. Elena is scared, but not so scared as to forget her anger. She spits that Stefan is out looking for Vicki. Damon pulls the close-talker move and then says Vicki will thank him for what he did to her. Elena looks him right in the eyes. "Did you thank Katherine?" Damon suppresses a smirk and his leer travels from her face to her chest. He grunts, "Mmm," then takes a few steps away from her. "Got the whole life story, huh?" When Elena says she got enough, Damon doubts it. "Tell my brother I'm looking for him. He leaves and then pops his head back in the door. "Tip for later. Be careful who you invite in the house."

Woods: Vicki is sitting against a tree trunk, crying, when Stefan finds her. She tells him she's starting to remember everything Damon has done and said. She also remembers Stefan's visit to the hospital, and their scene on the rooftop. Stefan apologizes and says that Damon had no right to turn her. Vicki asks what will happen if she doesn't feed. Stefan says, "You'll fade quickly, and then it'll all just be over. Tears stream down Vicki's face as she nods. "I'll be dead." Buffy says, "I'm sixteen years old. I don't want to die." When she can't stop crying, Stefan stoops beside her. Finally, Vicki says, "I don't want this." He tells her she's going to be okay and that he can help her. Yeah, Stefan. Turn her onto your vampire vegan-equivalent vittles. Vicki whispers, "Is it better?" Stefan doesn't respond, so she says, "Is it better? Will I be better?" No honey, you're still going to be an addicted, high-maintenance mess, with even more teeth. When he still doesn't know what to say she cries that she wants to go home. "Will you take me home, please?" Stefan nods, rises and takes her hand to help her out -- then a shot rings out. Stefan is hit. He falls to the ground. Scum, with his gun still pointing at Stefan, closes in on the duo. He stands over Stefan and...Commercial.

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