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Hold Me Closer Damon Dancer

After the break, Scum throws down his gun, kneels by Stefan's chest, takes out his stake and readies himself for the big moment. As he raises it, Vicki shouts out, "NO!" That doesn't stop Scum, though. Damon does. He comes up out of nowhere and savages Scum's neck. Once the pest drops to the forest floor, Damon fishes the bullet out of his brother's chest, realizes it is wood and says, "They know." Then he grumbles that if anyone's going to kill Stefan, it's going to be him. Aww, my kids are just that sweet to one another. And then, he demands his ring. Stefan, still suffering, reaches into his pocket and pulls it out and returns it to his brother. Damon grabs it, puts it back on and as he's admiring it, Vicki swoops down on Scum and finishes off Damon's sloppy seconds. Stefan tries to stop her, but it's too late. She pulls up from her first meal, and apologizes, then runs off, horrified. Damon says, "Oops!" Once he stands, he finds the ACTUAL VAMP COMPASS and pockets it. Damon and Stefan are long gone by the time She's-the-Sheriff and the deputy find Scum, or what's left of him. She orders the deputy to find the watch. Good luck with that, buddy.

Gilbert Gables: Elena waits on the porch for Stefan to return. When he arrives, she notices the hole in his shirt and rushes toward him. "You're bleeding!" Stefan tells her it's all right, which she should already know, since his quick healing was one of the pieces of evidence that led her to conclude he's a vampire. Stefan lets Elena know that he wasn't in time to stop Vicki from feeding. He promises Elena that he'll find Vicki and show her how to live a non-murderous unlife. She wants to know what they can say to Germ and Matt. Stefan says, "We'll come up with a story." Elena says, "You mean we'll come up with a lie." The moon shines down between them, but that's all the romance that is left. When Stefan says, "I'm so sorry," Elena stares at him. "I gave you today, just like you asked. And I understand that you would never do anything to hurt me. And I promise I will keep your secret. But... I can't be with you, Stefan." Brow furrowed, he stares at her as she continues. "I'm sorry. I just can't." She turns and leaves him standing there alone, on her front porch. Once inside the house, she slides her back down the wall and dissolves into tears. Title Card!

So, what did you think? I love that Elena has the sense God gave a cat, and refuses to date a vampire, just 'cause he's handsome. I mean, eventually, I'd like to see her with Stefan (and/or Damon -- what, just sayin'...), but wow, that's just refreshing. I hope Bella is watching The Vampire Diaries for pointers. I'm really digging Vicki's story, too. She's gone from one miserable life of addiction and compulsion to another. I'm so glad she's not dead. Thank you, Damon. It's late, so I'm going to wrap this up without additional commentary, but I do owe you the results of last week's "Question of the Moment."

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