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Gilbert Gables: As Elena tosses and turns in her bed, Stefan, unbeknownst to her, stands guard on her front porch. Commercial! Dear ADT, you should sponsor this show.

Gilbert Gables; Morning: Elena sits on her window seat, diary in lap, but writes nothing. Instead, she looks out the window. She finally gives up and performs her morning ablutions. Once she's ready, she charges right out the door, without even eating breakfast. These kids really need a mom. The camera pans to pictures of wee Elena and wee Jeremy on the mantle. Per Julie Plec, these are pictures of the actors when they were little. They were beautiful then too, no surprise.

Mystic Grill; Exterior: Elena and Stefan sit at an outside table. "You said you would explain everything, that's why I asked you to meet me here. When you Google vampire, you get a world of fiction. What's the reality?" She sounds like she's a reporter doing an interview, doesn't she? Stefan says to ask him whatever she wants to know, which is only of so much use, since she's never seen a picture of Katherine, but I digress. Elena says she knows he can eat garlic. "And somehow sunlight's not an issue?" Stefan tells her his ring protects him. Mythology Moment: Crucifixes? Decorative. Holy water? Drinkable. Mirrors? Myth. Elena says, "You said you don't kill to survive." Stefan explains that he exists on animal blood. Damon drinks human blood, which is why he is more powerful. When she calls him out on "letting" Damon get involved with Caroline, Stefan tells her that forcing Damon to do something is... counterproductive. Elena's still angry that Damon was hurting her friend. Stefan corrects her. "He was feeding on her." Um. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that doesn't make it better, cutie. "He was able to take away her memories of being bitten using a form of mind compulsion. She never knew what was happening to her. If he wanted to kill her, he would have." Is mind rape supposed to make it okay? Elena agrees with me. Stefan allows that none of this is okay. After an awkward pause, Elena asks if there are more vampires lurking around besides him and his brother. Stefan says not anymore, but basically, the town used to be crawling with the undead and Mystic Falls knew it. "It didn't end well for anybody. That's why it's important that you don't tell anyone." Which... is what all the pedophiles say. Ahem. Elena says she's making no promises, so Stefan asks for the day. "I will answer any questions that you have, and when it's over, you can decide for yourself what you want to do with what you know. It will be your choice." I want to rag on how very magnanimous he makes her already God-given freedom sound, but my word, did you get a gander at Paul Wesley's chin? He has the jaw line of a caricature of a romantic lead. It is actually square. I expect to hear a little twink when his eyes sparkle.

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