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Salvatore Mansion Ruins; 2009: Elena can't quite grasp that Stefan knew Katherine in 1864. He explains that Damon was trying to make her think that he was still heartbroken. We studiously ignore the fact that he sought out Elena because she looks just like Katherine and flash back to...

Salvatore Mansion; 1864: Katherine runs through the hedge maze with Stefan on her tail. She's not only the kind of girl who likes to be chased; she likes to be caught, so she stops. Damon, in uniform, sits unnoticed in the verge, until he interrupts. He's AWOL, because he was having too much fun to return to battle. We need to employ our finest technique to ignore the fact Stefan should have been at war too. Are you ready? Okay! Jazz hands. Jazz hands. At any rate, Katherine is thrilled that Damon is a yellow-bellied deserter. "Now I'll have both of you here to keep me entertained. First and foremost, I'll need someone to escort me to Founders' Ball." As Stefan says he would be honored, Damon doffs his cap and bows. "With pleasure." Honor versus pleasure sums up what we know of these two so far -- doesn't it? Since her back is to them, Katherine feels free to let us know just how much she wanted EXACTLY this result. Trollop. She flirts about being unable to choose between the two men. Stefan narrates, "She chose me," as we flash forward to...

Salvatore Mansion Ruins; 2009: Stefan says he took Katherine to the ball at the original Lockwood mansion. Elena remembers the registry signatures, but it's a bigger deal to her than to Stefan -- I suppose since he already knew he was there. Also, he's hell-bent on confessing that he didn't care if he hurt Damon. He just knew he wanted Katherine. Who looks like Elena. Which he does not mention. When Elena assumes Damon was upset, Stefan sets her straight. "That's the thing about Damon. He doesn't get mad. He just gets even." Well Stefan, don't just stand there. Get ahead!

Mossy Manse: Vicki, who is wearing a tank and cheeky undies, towel-dries her hair as she descends the staircase, singing the shower's praises. When she checks herself out in the mirror, she's surprised that her wounds are gone. Damon enthralls her, then tells her he attacked her, killed the Banana Fosters Gang, brought her back to Mossy Manse, gave her some blood -- which she loved -- and that now they're going to party 'til sunset. Vicki is all over that. She just wants another hit of blood. He bites his wrist and offers it to her, and drinks from hers.

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