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Hold Me Closer Damon Dancer

As Vicki lies lifeless on the floor, Damon makes his way toward the window. Sunlight streams through the drapes. Damon waves his hand into the deadly beams. He's less flirtatious -- more intent than he was before. He's angry. He's bored. He's lonely. He's self-destructive. After a couple of sizzlers, Vicki stirs. When she asks what happened, Damon explains that he killed her. She's dead, "But let's not make a big deal out of it. You drank my blood. I killed you, and now you have to feed in order to complete the process." Vicki is wasted, so she grabs pants that may or may not be her own, and tells Damon he is wasted and starts to leave. He tells her she doesn't want to be on her own right now because she's about to get freaky, but Vicki just wants to go home. She can't take in what he's saying -- that she's going to start craving blood. Finally, Damon decides to turn her loose on Mystic Falls, and suggests she stops by Germ's house, first. "If you see Stefan, tell him to call me."

Woods: She's-the-Sheriff gives Scum his marching orders. He's got the ACTUAL VAMPIRE COMPASS, and some wooden bullets which will disable the vampires long enough for Scum to stake them. As a deputy hands Scum a wooden stake, the Sheriff asks Scum if he's ever staked a vampire before. He looks at her. "Have you?" We cut to...

Gilbert Gables: Germ answers the door to find Vicki, who is bitching about the sun burning her eyes. She then tells him everything is good and they kiss. When he asks her what happened, she asks him what's to eat, and before he can answer, she raids his fridge. He accuses her of being high in the middle of the day -- like he's never. Please. She tells him she needs quiet as she pulls out enough food to make the entire football team blush.

Ruins of the Original Salvatore Mansion: As Elena gets in her car, she asks Stefan if he's ever used vampyric mind control on her. He tells her that there's Vervain in the necklace he gave her and that protects her from being compelled. "I wanted to protect you from Damon's influence." A beat. "But I also wanted to protect you from me." He moves in closer as he tells her she should never take the necklace off. "Because no matter what happens after today and no matter how you feel about me, you'll know that you were free to make your own choice. She swallows hard and looks at him. He smiles and pulls back.

Gilbert Gables: Germ opens the door to reveal... Pudding Pop! He leads him to the kitchen. Vicki is wearing sunglasses and swilling a can of soda. The remains of her meal are scattered about the kitchen. Matt asks Germ what she's on. Germ doesn't know. Matt kneels down in front of her and removes her shades, asking how she's doing. She says she's not doing well and that she hurts. Then she puts her fingers in her mouth. "My gums. My jaw hurts. My gums. There's something in my gums. It hurts." She cries to be left alone, but Matt moves in closer to look at her mouth. With her lips peeled back, she shouts, "JUST TURN IT OFF!" [Vicky's going to be a vampire? She can barely contain all the teeth she has NOW. - Tippi Blevins] When Germ doesn't know what she means, she adds, "The talking! The chatter! Just turn it off!" She rises and stomps off towards the living room. Germ gets ahead of her and grabs the remote to shut off the TV, but stops when he sees Ryan "Scum" Fell reporting from in front of the very same mausoleum at which he left Vicki, yesterday. Three bodies were found dead in what is supposed to be "a drug deal gone awry." Germ says that's where they were last night, so Matt asks Vicki what happened. When she can't answer, he says he's calling the cops, but she stops him. When Jeremy asks what happened after he left, she shoves him across the room, and to the floor. Matt, sweetness and light personified, asks Jeremy if he's all right. Because he's fond of me calling him Germ, Jeremy snarls at my Pudding Pop that he's fine.

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