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Hold Me Closer Damon Dancer

Just then, Elena and Stefan enter. It only takes him a moment to figure out what's going on. He gets Vicki to focus and tells her (and/or compels her to believe) that she's going to be just fine. Once she calms down, he orders Matt and the Germ to get her into bed and draw the blinds. Once he's alone with Elena, he tells her that Vicki is transitioning into a vampire, and points the finger at Damon. When Elena wants to know how Vicki completes the transformation, Stefan explains the whole big sucking thing. "She has to feed on human blood." Elena asks, "And what if she doesn't?" Stefan says, "She'll die." Duh. Commercial!

After the break, Stefan tells Elena that Vicki might only have a few hours. This freaks Elena, since Vicki is currently upstairs with Germ (totally forgetting about my Pudding Pop, Matt). Stefan assures her that it's okay, because right now, Vicki has no memories other than human. That will change over the next few hours, and then she'll know she has to make the choice. Elena cringes. "The same choice you made?" We then cut to...

Germ's Room: Vicki apologizes for being such trouble, but Germ just holds her and comforts her. Matt, who spots their tender scene from the hall, gives them their space and returns downstairs. Leaving her orders to sleep it off, Germ kisses Vicki's forehead and rises from the bed, but she pulls him back down. They embrace. He pats her hair and she sobs on his shoulder, but her sobs soon turn to kisses, which nearly turn to bites! Vicki, however, stops herself, pushes Germ off, grabs her boots and runs outside. Matt tries to stop her, but by the time he gets to the porch, she's gone from view. He leaves in his truck, to search for her. Stefan whispers to Elena that he can track Vicki. Elena, who is more than ready to be free of blood-sucking fiends, simply says, "Go!"

Woods: Sunset turns to darkness. What seems to be a full moon is partially veiled in fog. Scum is all alone. Where he belongs. He follows the vamp compass's lead and is spooked by a bird. The closed captioning tells me it's an owl. I'm telling you it is not now, nor will it ever be Draven, but we'll get to that later. When he finally gets what must be a good reading , he calls She's-the-Sheriff, who is patrolling another section of the forest along with her deputy. Logan tells Sheriff Forbes the compass is pointing toward the old cemetery. Forbes says they'll head Scum's way and hangs up.

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