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In the bullpen, just about everyone is trying to make the case that the guy is in the mob. His name's Grotti, after all, just like Gotti. Michael ducks into his office, and his told to lock his door. "I'm not gonna lock my door, "Michael retorts impatiently, and locks his door.

Oscar manages to get on the phone with Jim and Pam. Jim's like, "Dude, we're on our honeymoon," but that's pretty warm and friendly compared to how Pam stone-cold shoots him down and hangs up on him. Ouch.

In Michael's office, Dwight and Andy are getting Michael all wound up about the follow-up e-mail from Grotti, reading it as a threat and giving Michael conflicting advice. "When someone threatens you, you give in right away," Andy advises. Michael was about to do just that, but Dwight insists they stand up to the bully. "Trust me, I have bullied a lot of people." His plan is for Michael to meet Grotti in public to show he's not scared. Andy likes the plan. "But I'm not going alone." Again, Dwight and Andy offer conflicting responses -- Dwight says they'll be right there with him, but Andy not so much.

Andy meets Michael and Dwight in the parking lot of a restaurant, wearing a mechanic's coverall as cover for the tire iron he's holding. They wait inside at a lunch table, Andy grossing out Michael with the tire iron on the table and Dwight one-upping that by dumping out the contents of the roach motel he found behind the toilet while looking for a gun. When Grotti shows up, he decides to move to another table. The DMers follow uncertainly.

Kevin gets a call from Jim's credit card company, checking on some unusual activity. Kevin kind of accidently pretends to be Jim, and ends up getting Jim's credit card cancelled. I'm not going to mention the name of the credit card company whose representative is so efficient and friendly. I won't even ask what's in your wallet.

Grotti Orders lunch rather brusquely, threatening to send it back if it's not just right. Michael tries to match his intimidating vibe, first by ordering something he heard about on The Sopranos and then by threatening to send his salad back if it comes on top of his spaghetti.

Kevin has asked Oscar for advice, and isn't happy to hear that he's committed identity fraud. "I wouldn't last in jail, Oscar. I'm not like you." Oscar asks what he means. "Oh, you don't know about jail?" Kevin asks. "Oh, you would love jail."

A woman comes up to the lunch table, asking for Andy's help because she thinks he's a mechanic. Michael isn't happy to see him go, effectively reducing his backup by half. And the one with the tire iron, no less. Andy is even more at a loss outside with the car, eventually blowing it up, babbling excuses, and walking away.

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