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Mars vs. Mars

...and catches him outside, where she tells him that his mom's missing credit card was just used. Logan looks relieved in spite of himself.

Classroom. Clemmons enters and tells the class that Rooks resigned, and Clemmons will be taking over the class until a replacement is found. He's interrupted by Rooks, who marches in to grab his stuff. He pauses to stare at Veronica. Some posters wondered how he knew she was responsible for his downfall, but I think the combination of his awareness of her sleuthing ability combined with the fact that she's sitting next to Carrie was enough to clue him in. Once he's left, Carrie gives Veronica a small but satisfied smile. Girl power!

Mars Investigations. Keith enters and sees Veronica, and they exchange a long, forgiving glance. Veronica tells Keith that Rooks resigned. Keith: "Honey, if I were in trouble, I'd want you on my side." Veronica: "Well, that's where I'd be." Well, I don't usually take my foreshadowing with insulin, but I'm open to new things every once in a while. Veronica says she'll be home for dinner. I doubt she'll be hungry, considering the meal she's about to make of a certain psychopath.

That's right, we're back at the prison, corn-pone accent dropped. A smiling, nasty Abel Koontz asks Veronica what she wants to know now. She tells him she just wants him to know what she knows, as she flashes him his medical records. In a manner steelier than we've ever seen from her before, which is saying a lot, she tells him he's dying, and that he knew that when he confessed: "You didn't kill Lilly Kane. You're just somebody's patsy." She slams the phone down before he can think of anything to say, and once again, someone besides Veronica goggles us into the credits.

Well, that was pretty awesome. It's nice not just that, in regard to the A-plot, Keith was right and Veronica was wrong, in a reversal from "Drinking The Kool-Aid." But the real point of interest is that the person who was right in both those instances was the one who didn't let prejudice cloud his or her judgment. In "Kool-Aid," Keith was worried about Veronica getting sucked into the evil cult, which colored his view of that situation. And in this episode, Veronica loved her teacher and hated his accuser, causing her to view some of the evidence with a jaundiced eye. They were both wrong, and I like that the show places such a premium on good detective work -- the clues are there, if you really care to examine them. Anyway.

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