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Mars vs. Mars

Veronica goes over to a still-seething Logan, but her attention is distracted by her sighting of Deputy Leo. Un! Comfortable! Veronica greets him, and gets a frosty reply. She tells Logan to give her a minute, and to stay calm, because finding out that woman is a fraud is good news. Yeah, you'd think Logan might want to latch onto that a little bit here. Logan goes outside, and Veronica approaches Leo to explain. She comes clean about all the evidence that doesn't add up about Koontz -- the fact that Wiedman called the tip in, the planting of Lilly's shoes, and the tell-tale traffic ticket. Leo asks how she knows all this, and Veronica says she's done everything she could to get to the truth, including using him; she adds, "I used you then fell for you, not the other way around." Leo breaks into a smile. Aw. I still like him. Not a popular opinion, but I didn't take this job to be liked. Or that's what I tell myself so I don't cry myself to sleep at night.

Veronica shows up at Rooks's backyard. He introduces her to his daughter, who's kind of adorable, if in a "My mommy says I'm not stupid, I'm special" kind of way. Rooks tells Veronica he gets his daughter on the weekends, and shoos her off to her coloring. I'd point out that according to what we learn later, Rooks has been pretty busy some weekends, and I can only hope that he had the good sense to find alternative arrangements for his daughter on those occasions. On the other hand, if he didn't, we've got a reason for her apparent developmental disability right there. Veronica asks Rooks about the conference he called with Carrie's parents. He's surprised she knows about that, and says that he appreciates her help, but that he thinks this is an adult matter. Veronica tells him that Carrie's parents have hired "a private investigator." Oh, not good, Veronica. That's the kind of thing that could just blow up in your face. She adds that there's going to be a hearing, and that he might never teach again. Rooks says the parents came in because he gave Carrie a C on a midterm (in September?). Veronica asks who's representing him at the hearing, and the answer is the faculty union rep. And that would be? "You're lookin' at him." Oy. I don't think you're going to win them over by playing the sexual-harassment-hearing version of Press Your Luck. "No whammies," indeed.

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