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Mars vs. Mars

...and said interview is happening over coffee. The woman is friendly, if fairly nondescript, as she tells Veronica that she didn't get paid for the first interview, and that she just wants people to know the truth. Veronica asks if there's anything else she remembers, but the woman gushes that she was just so excited to see Lynn, and babbles about having seen Haaron and Lynn once on the red carpet for some premiere. She gets out a scrapbook that's devoted to her fandom, and tells Veronica that the van she saw was the actual one from a movie called The Pursuit Of Happiness, the set of which was where Haaron and Lynn met. So Lynn was an actress, too. I'm not sure we knew that. As the woman babbles on, we see that Logan is eavesdropping on this conversation. He walks out, aware that this woman is starring in her own version of The Pursuit Of Sanity. Just as well he left -- that picture's got a loooong way to go. Veronica excuses herself and tries to console Logan, saying that she would have let herself believe the tabloid story if it were her mother. Logan stalks out, slamming into Weevil on the way out. You know the episode's tightly paced when there's no time for homoeroticism. Weevil is all, "Manners, Opie!," and then asks Veronica if Logan lost a puka shell off his necklace. Hee. Veronica says no, just any hope that his mother is still alive. Weevil looks at her, all, "I get two minutes of screen time a week, and I have to hear that buzzkill?"

Veronica arrives home to find her dad making lasagna. She says she knows "pity cooking" when she sees it, and speculates that there's more bad news. Keith tells her that Rooks was fired from his last job at a private school, and that although his file was sealed, the complaint came from the parents of two girls. Hmm. I don't think Rooks learned quite the right lesson from that experience. Not sleeping with his students seems like the indicated play, but apparently Rooks thought cutting out the three-ways would be enough. Veronica asks to see Carrie's journal, but Keith says he can't let her. Veronica: "There'd better be dessert."

In Keith's office, VMVO tells us she has to get into the safe. She wonders if Keith would have been careless enough to leave the combination written down. She finds a promising set of numbers on his calendar, and tries them out, saying her dad will be impressed with how much of his teaching she's "soaked up." I'll just give that one a "hee" in advance. She opens the safe and finds a strongbox with Carrie's surname on it. She sets it on the desk, opens it, and...something explodes, leaving Veronica covered in blue ink. HA! That was awesome. VMVO suspects there's a lesson to be learned here. It could be to point strongboxes away from you when opening them, but that seems a little esoteric. More likely, it's "Keith Mars is a RIGHT BITCH."

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