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Mars vs. Mars

Sometime later, Veronica's cleaning herself up when the bitch in question arrives and sunnily asks what she's been up to. Veronica: "Tell me where to put your Father Of The Year trophy! 'Cause there's someplace I'd like to put it!" Veronica earnestly tells him that she needs to see the diary, because Carrie is lying. Keith tells her not to get so "blue in the face." Um, hee again. Veronica keeps at Keith until he allows that he'll give her the dates and times mentioned in the diary.

School. Veronica passes by the trophy case, and stops when she notices a photo of some female track team members, including Carrie. Weevil's voice cuts in to say that his trophy is by the auto shop. Veronica asks if it's for lube job or stealing hubcaps. I definitely know which one it was for, assuming Logan was judging. Weevil: "Is this, 1970? Rims, baby!" Veronica: "So you got a trophy for a rim job?" Wow. The Standards and Practices people let that one by? I bet they just feel like assholes. Weevil tells her he has some information. Veronica: "Finally, a Deep Throat to call my own." Weevil: "I'm not gonna touch that one." Out of that whole conversation, that's the part you're not touching? He tells her that some freshman has been shooting his mouth off about how he's got proof that Lynn jumped. Veronica instructs him to find the kid. Now I know why we haven't seen much of Backup lately -- Veronica's got a new lapdog.

Veronica goes to see Rooks and asks why he was fired from his previous job. Rooks is surprised again at her information, and butters Veronica up while telling her it was all political. Veronica thanks him...

...and finds Carrie at her locker, telling her she's got one more chance to drop the complaint. Nothing doing. Veronica points out that Carrie can't be too broken up if she's still in Rooks's class, but Carrie says he'll be the one leaving soon. Wouldn't he be suspended pending this hearing? Veronica can't believe Carrie's willing to destroy Rooks because he gave her a C on a paper, but Carrie counters that Rooks is more popular than ever, and she's the bitch everyone hates. She goes on to relate some intimate details about Rooks, saying that his sheets are black silk, and his mood music is Side 2 of the Rolling Stones Tattoo You. And you'd think he would have picked the side with "Start Me Up" on it. Having heard Carrie's allegations, Veronica snarks, "Yeah, I have that same Sweet Valley High book." Hee. She adds that there's a problem with an entry in Carrie's diary -- on one weekend she claimed to be with Rooks, she was actually in Sacramento for a track meet, at which she was part of a winning relay team: "People say you're fast." For once in this episode, it's not Veronica who's speechless as we go to commercial.

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