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Mars vs. Mars

Dr. Levine, who is in fact the same doctor who attended to Duncan when he hit his head jumping off the bleachers, enters an examining room wherein Veronica is waiting in hospital gown. Apparently he examined her earlier, because he tells her that the "sniffles" of which she complained are just common allergies, and then turns to walk back out. Well, I can see why this guy gets paid the big bucks.

Sometime later, VMVO tells us she's going to be attempting something underhanded, as Veronica ducks into the bathroom.

Sometime later than that, the doctor leaves for the day. The nurse at the desk goes to do the same, but notices that the bathroom door is closed. Testing it, she finds it locked, so she opens it with her key. There's no one in sight, so she leaves. At first, I was confused as to why Veronica locked it at all, since that would only attract attention, but then I realized that she needed some clear signal that the coast was about to be clear. And now that it is, Veronica crawls out from the cabinet under the sink as VMVO tells us that yes, she is petite, and sometimes it comes in handy. Moving quickly, she gets hold of Duncan's file and makes a copy, but in the process of replacing it, she sees another file -- that of Abel Koontz. Some people on the boards were wondering at this coincidence, but between the fact that Koontz worked for Jake Kane in the past and that Neptune isn't supposed to be the biggest town, I don't have trouble buying it. She grabs the file, but doesn't have time to copy it before she hears someone coming. Cut to a nurse opening the examining room door, wherein Veronica is back in her gown. She asks, "Is the doctor here? 'Cause I've been sitting for like, an hour." The nurse is all, "Great. Now I have to remember the insurance code for 'senile-doctor-caused pneumonia' yet again."

Hearing. Rooks is telling the panel how the accusation has ruined him. Veronica enters. A lot of posters couldn't believe that the hearing would be an open affair; It strikes me as odd too, but I have to admit I don't know that's not how it's done. I'm in the strange and unfamiliar place of actually trusting the writing team. I'm not sure I like it. Prompted to speculate on why Carrie would make a false allegation, Rooks says that she's a B student, and she made it very clear she wanted an A, but "the work just didn't merit it." Carrie rolls her eyes, knowing that her "work" has always been stellar. Carrie then tells the panel that her dad left her mom the year before, and Rooks started giving her rides. I don't know why the phrase "who's your Daddy" would possibly have entered my mind just now. Nevertheless, there it is. Carrie adds that Rooks told her they had a lot in common, since they'd both been abandoned by people they thought loved them. Then their relationship turned sexual, and when she told him she might be pregnant, he blew her off. She saw him flirting with other girls, and figured that's just what he does: "I couldn't let him get away with it again." The (female) chairman of the panel asks if Carrie has any proof. She says he sent her text messages all the time, and she reads some of them, which are of a prurient nature. Rooks subtly looks like he recognizes the messages, and I have to give props to the direction in this entire episode. Carrie gives the phone to the chairman, who points out that the messages are addressed to "S.K." After the slightest hesitation, Carrie says he called her "Sweet Knees," because he always wanted her to wear knee socks. Um, ew. Although if she made that up on the spot, her extemporaneous speaking isn't too shabby. The chairman points out that there's no proof Rooks sent those messages, but Carrie instructs her to hit the callback button. She complies, and Rooks's phone goes off. It's set to vibrate. That's not much of a surprise. The chairman looks chagrined. Thinking quickly, Veronica asks VP Clemmons if she can borrow his phone. He reluctantly hands it over. Cut to Veronica entering something into it.

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