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True South

"Oh, this is just the woman that I pay to accost me at the supermarket and jam my head up against the frozen peas and then choke me out when I climax. Oh, that's the fella that ties me up and force-feeds me frozen yogurt after church. Oh, that's just the entire kindergarten class I bought on my black AmEx, I'm going to chase them through an abandoned building later for fun."


Is on the Bluetooth -- or is he? -- when he sees Alicia next, but I think that's part of the problem is that he's having simultaneous conversations with a "Margie" about legal issues, with Alicia about the private school thing, and most especially with Alicia about Caitlin:

David Lee: "Isn't Caitlin fantastic? Did she tell you how much she loves competition? She's my niece. I told her not to mention it because I didn't want her to win out based on nepotism. I'm glad you liked her."
Alicia: "I am all about taking your obviously coded words at face value, as though that wasn't a clearly worded threat or anything. Good thing David Lee isn't a terrifying prick that will gut you as soon as look at you, or I'd be acting quite the dumbass today. I'm still just so excited about this very important opportunity to make up my own mind, and really help the firm! I'm going to hire Martha, to prove an obscure point about myself."

It's sad watching the bushy-tailed, excited smile on her face -- "You're my boss! We're relating on a professional level!" -- slowly drain throughout, but there is just the slightest amount of "Fuck me? Fuck you, sir" in her grin at the end that tells us she's struck just the wrong internal balance between proving herself capable, and knuckling under to this obvious instruction. With this show, you never know if she's going to be rewarded or hurt, by asserting her personhood, depending on how things play out, so you just kind of have to hope. Hubris exists in the rearview alone.


Celeste and Diane are against one wall, SA people the other, but Alicia plants herself in the middle of Cary's office. He invites Imani in, as his official babysitter, and explains the situation. He refers to Colin as "the wife-killer," and of course Diane corrects him ("the defensive killer of his stalker"), but Imani is already making that face she makes.

Offer: Sweeney will testify to who's involved in the recent increase of heroin distribution at the Cook County prison complex, the corruption of which is Peter's fifth biggest obsessions in the last week. Cary takes Imani to "check with Peter," but instead ducks just out of sight

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