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True South

"So where did you go to school?" Brown, you? "Harvard. Siblings?" Three brothers. "Lawyers?" No, the family was happy to have just one lawyer. One's a painter, one's a writer, one teaches at the Sorbonne. "Really? That's in France, isn't it?" And with the most delightful grin, Cary heads back inside: "Okay, I talked to Peter, and he has a counteroffer."

I mean, Cary is the best. That was the hottest thing since the finger-biting in my opinion. He is so Cary all the time, I love it. Counteroffer: Sweeney informs on Donny Pike, senior acting member of the Aryan Warlords and the recipient of Colin's stock advice. Also, apparently, "The most dangerous man in the Illinois system" and one whose last informant got murdered well fast.


Geneva Pine! I love these little meetings they have, all the ASAs. She didn't say much in the last one, when Sophia showed up and disappeared again, but I love her. She's so pretty, and so cool. And in this case, she was the ASA that won Sweeney's original plea bargain, so she's not interested in having that taken away by Peter again.

Peter: "He's served two years of it already."
Pine: "Uh, that's two years for killing a person."

Pine, appealing to Peter's ongoing marketing of himself/the SA: "Letting the famously awful Colin Sweeney go is going to burn everybody."
Cary, appealing to the room in general: "It's about stopping this neo-Nazi guy from remote-control killing people from inside jail."
Imani, jumping on it: "White supremacists are worse than wife-killers. By a hair."

Pine: "Peter, you will be crucified. You become the man who set OJ free. Also, his testimony won't mean anything to either case, because perception is reality and there is no person on any jury that hasn't had at least one Colin Sweeney nightmare in the past two years."
Peter: "Geneva, you are taking this too personally. If it were absolutely anybody else..."
Pine: "It isn't."
Peter: "Two years left, on involuntary manslaughter. You would take this deal."
Pine: "Fffffffuuuu... Yeah, I would."
Peter: "However, Geneva's definitely activated my paranoia, so we need to beef up his testimony by forcing him to wear a wire with Pike. That way, no matter how squicky he is personally we can chalk up a win, because it'll be on tape."

He's good at his job. Eli calls him aside for a few reasons, and they get their Sorkin on.

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