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Which, this recap is already pretty long, but: You are always going to be sexualized. That is not going away. And it's not even the problem, because it's true of every person without regard to gender or sexuality: The problem is that men are on top, and have had several thousand years to develop a complex sociological system to ensure that they stay on top, which is where the inequality comes in, because your body becomes their weapon.

(My point of entry into all of this is that, as a gay man, your body and personhood are just as threatening to this system of power as a woman's, so you're subject to a lot of the same punishments and requirements as a woman, complicated by certain other privileges that you get for being a man, the same way other rights and privileges go exclusively to women. This particular part of the equation, however, is the same. I say this not to complain, but because when I talk about this stuff it comes off as talking about feminism -- which can often get, as a man writing for mainly women, dicey -- so I want to be clear that all I'm talking about is real, empirical life.)

So in a male-run industry, which is every industry because see above re: men, you have to have in your toolbox ways of dealing with this obvious, omnipresent thing. And they're broadly generational, but always specifically personal: You can be a Diane, with that firmly patrician indulgence of it that says, "Okay boys, now back to work," and that's fine. You can be a Kalinda, who sees it as just another way to achieve what she was already doing, which is controlling your mind, and in my opinion that's the best way. You can be an Alicia, which most of us are to an extent, and involves staring through the person at objects on the other side of the person until they stop it, like with Colin. Or, you can be the one that was missing before now: The Celeste.

Someone who is so blatantly oppositional and so used to sexualizing everyone, including herself, that it comes off as scary and jagged. The Walking Hatefuck. So yeah, men aren't competing with her on any level that registers as competitive, because she ruins the curve by getting there first so they can't use it to dehumanize her... But opens her up to conflict with women, because she is a traitor and a Bechdel heretic, but also because she's grossly forcing a question for which most of us spend the majority of the day finding workarounds. To stay level and safe, socially, part of it is making sure everybody gets out alive, and she's ... not interested in that. She is as radioactive to women as non-men are radioactive to the prevailing hierarchy, which comes with its own privilege trade-off.

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