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Uncle David: "Now, your office is on the 27th floor, but I want to show you around here first... Oh look, it's your mentor Alicia! Say hello to Alicia!"
Caitlin: "Thank you so much for choosing me, I really can't wait to work with you and learn from you just like you continue to learn from Diane!"
Alicia, glaring daggers at David over poor Caitlin's head: "Yeah, that sounds great."

Alicia: "What. The. Fuck."
Will: "Alicia, it was a mess."
Alicia: "No. Why even put me through this charade if you guys were just..."
Will: "David Lee appealed, over your head, to the committee. It wasn't a charade. He just worked it after, and the committee voted. It happens."
Alicia: "Okay, It Just Happens guy. How did you vote?"
Will: "What? Who? Salty snacks. Chelsea boots. Who?"

Alicia: "Somebody told me you would disappoint me, and now look at you. Ol' Crazypants has a gift for clairvoyance."
Will: "That is not what this is. Yeah, I voted with David. But please don't ask me why. I owed him. You don't want to know."
Alicia: "I can take it. Your darkest secrets, the worst things you ever..."
Will: "No, I'm not embarrassed by it, I just don't think you want to know."
Alicia: "You gave me a job, and you took it away. This goes beyond my hurt feelings. Give me something back."

Fine. You know she's not giving this up, so he spills -- the respectful thing to do -- and this is what went down: Alicia was the Caitlin. Fifteen-year gap in her resumé, no connections, just an old quasi-boyfriend on the board of a big firm and a whole lot of gumption and excitement and moral superiority. There was a Martha, better on paper, but Will loved her, so David voted with Will. The end. What are you going to say after that?

Alicia, honestly: "Thank you."

I mean, thank you. Thank you for believing in me then, thank you for telling me this now, thank you for letting me yell at you about it, thank you for being willing to let me be pissed at you for an unknown amount of time just so that I didn't have to know that I'm not the Martha. Thank you.

Will, out the door: "Caitlins often surprise you!"

When things happen, they'll happen fast. For Caitlins, same as anybody, and I hope that's going to be a battle. We need a female Cary to keep her on her toes. To surprise her, often. He meant to be encouraging, comforting, but really it's the opposite.

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