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True South


Democratic Person: "Are you fucking kidding me with this? Peter Florrick? You know we didn't even let John Edwards past the Beltline after his shit. Why not just have Weiner live-tweet the whole thing from a whorehouse?"
Eli: "Peter has the best story, for a brave new world where it's my job to sell this shit to you as hard as I can. He's redeemed! He was re-elected to the very office that he disrespected! He's like a metaphor for the Party, practically."
Democratic Person: "He's not a person of interest on the national scale, beyond his scandals. Nobody even knows what the Cook County SA does, there's like, only seven states that even have one."
Eli: "Obama was a lowly state senator when he gave the speech that changed everything."
DNC: "Um, Obama is black. Don't be an idiot."

Eli: "Okay, so who is it then? Who are you championing?"
DNC: "Sure, I will totally tell you. I just hope you don't run some kind of shadow-cabinet crucifixion investigation of him like the insane Lady Macbeth leprechaun that you are."
Eli: "Promise."
DNC: "Anyway, Peter Florrick's marriage is his secret weapon, not some keynote address. Let's somewhat awkwardly reverse the camera angle from the last scene change in order to provide a bookend to the scene."

Everybody is looking at each other in their goldfish bowls and under the constant threat of surveillance and the Press and everybody is looking at everybody else all the time and Alicia is looking at Eli and Eli is looking at Alicia and everybody's worried about Peter and what shit he's going to pull next. Except Celeste, who is worried about what will happen when the bees or the robots or the robot bees arrive. And yours truly, who is worried about the fact that Alan Cumming just twitched his way through about five different accents in that scene and possibly will jitter a hole in the floor at some point.


Opposing counsel on the class is Ken Cosgrove, which is nice. His physicality and movement are really different than usual, which is pretty impressive since he already has such a distinctive look so it makes you respect him more for not just being a character actor, although he still looks like a beanpole wearing Daddy's shoulder pads. Acting can only do so much.

Dan Hedaya-Looking Dead Dude: "They knew the de-icing fluid tended to freeze in the wing lines, but they decided to save money and do nothing about it. More boring facts!"

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